Buildings and postal addresses


The offices of European Ethnology are located in the building "An der Universität 5" on the 3rd floor. The building is generally known by the abbreviation "U5".

It was built in 1772/73 as an academy building for the "Academia Bambergensis" (a predecessor of today's university) and was intended to house lecture halls, a library and an assembly hall. In 1977/78, an extension was added, stylistically based on the baroque old building. Today it serves as the administration and seminar building of the University of Bamberg. Many European Ethnology courses take place here and in the surrounding other "U-buildings".

Wedding House (Hochzeitshaus)

The address of the "Hochzeitshaus" is Am Kranen 12", abbreviated "KR12" in the location information of the university.

It was built in 1610-1612 in the German Renaissance style and used to serve the people of Bamberg as a place for celebrations and gatherings, including weddings, therefore in German it is named "Hochzeitshaus" (= wedding house). For many years, the offices of European Ethnology were located on the 2nd floor; in 2022/23 they moved to U5. Some courses of European Ethnology are still offered in the Hochzeithaus.

Branch Library 5 (TB 5)

Literature on topics of European Ethnology can be found mainly in Branch library 5 (Teilbibliothek 5, TB 5) of the Bamberg University Library.

The building is located at a square called "Am Kranen" in Bamberg and forms part of "Little Venice", the former fishermen's settlement on the Regnitz. Users benefit from this idyllic location, as they can enjoy views of the Old Town Hall, Bamberg Cathedral, the New Residence (a palace) and Michelsberg Monastery from their worksplace. An outdoor area offers seating directly on the banks of the river Regnitz.