Martin Friesl, Christoph Brielmaier und Leonhard Dobusch publizieren Paper in Organization Theory

Das Paper „ Taking individual choices seriously: A process perspective of self-selection in strategy work” wurde zur Publikation in Organization Theory angenommen. Das Paper erweitert die aktuelle Forschung durch ein theoretisches Modell welches sozialen Dynamiken der freiwilligen Teilnahme (Selbstselektion) konzeptualisiert.

Hier das Abstract:

An increasing body of work investigates the participation of a diverse set of actors in strategy making. We argue that extant research tends to gloss over a fundamental condition underpinning such participation: whilst participation may reflect a hierarchical mandate, insofar as it relates to the actual involvement of employees, it is the result of a process of self-selection. From this perspective, forms of participative strategizing are neither fully the outcome of deliberate top-down choice, nor do they form a random pattern that is subject to the whims of individual employees. Such forms of strategizing are rather, as we argue in this paper, based on an endogenous logic of whether and how an individual self-selects, and in turn involves, her/himself into the process, or not. To conceptualize the broader phenomenon of strategy participation, we draw on practice theory to conceptualize how individuals knowingly choose to involve themselves in strategizing events and we develop in turn a process model of self-selection as an ongoing social accomplishment. This model elaborates different patterns of participation in strategy making (stabilizing and shifting trajectories) with variable emergent outcomes. We end the paper by discussing the implications of our theorizing for ongoing research on open and participatory strategizing, and for the body of work on strategy as practice.