Lehrveranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2018


Neuroscience of Consciousness


Dr. Alexander Pastukhov


Zeit und Ort: Mo 10:00 - 12:00, MG2/01.11
Keine Raumreservierung für die Prüfung


An English-language seminar course that presents our current understanding of consciousness. What is consciousness and how can we define it? We will try to answer this by looking question that philosophers raised (What is like to be a bat? Are you a philosophical zombie? Who is inside the Chinese room? What is a thought about a thought called?) We will look for missing consciousness in clinical cases (Can you see without primary visual cortex? When your arm is not your arm anymore? How many personalities can you squeeze into two hemispheres?), unconscious processing (Why cannot you see the flicker, if your V1 can? Can you pay attention to an invisible target?), free will (How do you know you did it? Why do you feel responsible, if you favorite team wins or loses?), false memory (Are you sure this happened to you at all?), and consciousness in animals (Again, what is it like to be a bat? Can animals read others’ minds?) The course is taught in English, which will allow you build vocabulary on the topic.

Institution: Lehrstuhl für Allgemeine Psychologie und Methodenlehre