In a world devastated by climate change,

… a civilization fights to survive. Welcome to 5086 AD, where the remnants of our once thriving society struggle amidst the ruins. Natural disasters have ravaged our cities, leaving only fragments behind. But amidst the chaos, something else has emerged: artificial intelligence. AI, once our savior, now reigns over us. It granted us unimaginable powers but at a terrible cost. The cataclysmic event that followed changed everything. It wiped out most of humanity, leaving only a handful of survivors. Now, after three millennia of darkness, a glimmer of hope emerges.

The Earth, slowly recovering from its scars, becomes habitable once more. Humanity begins to rise from the ashes. No longer bound by the constraints of advanced civilization, we adapt to a simpler way of life. Scattered across the planet, we form small communities, living in harmony with nature and the remnants of our past. Some among us tinker with ancient machines, breathing life into forgotten technology. Others embrace this lawless world to chase their own dreams. As the tides turn and the world rebuilds, we dare to dream of a brighter future.

In this post-apocalyptic era, the resilience of the human spirit is put to the test. Get ready to meet ten outstanding individuals who aspire to become leaders of this new society. Prepare for an epic journey through a shattered world, where survival is a daily battle and hope is the ultimate prize. Welcome to the beginning of a new civilization, the first to form after AIPOCALYPSE.