Aktuelle Working Papers

Monetary Policy with a State-Dependent Inflation Target in a Behavioral Two-Country Monetary Union Model (2020), with Benjamin Lojak (University of Bamberg). BERG Working Paper 161, University of Bamberg. pdf(813.3 KB)

Capital-Constrained Loan Creation, Stock Markets and Monetary Policy in a Behavioral New Keynesian Model (2020), with Naira Kotb (University of Bamberg). BERG Working Paper 158, University of Bamberg. pdf(567.6 KB)

Inequality, Macroeconomic Performance and Political Polarization: An Empirical Analysis (2020), with Juan Carlos Peña (University of Bamberg) and Thomas Saalfeld (University of Bamberg). BERG Working Paper 157, University of Bamberg. pdf(648.9 KB)

Low Interest Rates, Banks’ Search for Yield Behavior and Financial Portfolio Management (2019), with Benjamin Lojak (University of Bamberg) and TomaszMakarewicz (University of Halle-Wittenberg). BERG Working Paper 153, University of Bamberg. pdf(692.7 KB)

Proaño, C.R. & B. Lojak (2015), Debt Stabilization and Macroeconomic Volatility in Monetary Unions under Heterogeneous Sovereign Risk Perceptions. BERG Working Paper 106 Universität Bamberg pdf(843.9 KB)