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Offene Themen - Bachelor

Exploring Fieldbus Networks for Prototyping Public Interfaces

Prototyping public urban interfaces is a challenge for interface designers. Eight challenges in the realm of media façades are addressed by Dalsgaard et al. in [1]. This thesis topic addresses callenge number 3. Increased demands for robustness and stability, by looking into existing solutions of so called Fieldbus Networks (e.g. CAN-Bus, ...) and applying those to media architectural interfaces. Furthermore, the distributed approach bears the potential of easing challenges of prototyping by product designers. By transferring concepts and technologies from automotive industry to urban interaction design (UIxD), we expect to overcome recurrent challenges in this discipline.

[1] Dalsgaard, Peter & Halskov, Kim. (2010). Designing urban media façades: Cases and challenges. Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings. 4. 2277-2286.

Video Analysis Tool - Comprende Mapper

Understanding and analyzing real world situations is a difficult task. Often direct observation methods are the most fruitful qualitative research methods, but may miss out certain aspects, due to the limitations of the perceptual abilities of the researcher when “in the field”.

Video can support findings and provide a good data basis. However, in Urban HCI when analyzing Interactive Installations environmental lighting is often very low and conventional video tracking algorithms do not work. Hence, we have developed a half-automated tracking software that is used to analyze video material. The software under development is called “Comprende Mapper” and is a 60% finished program written in JAVA that has to be turned into a production software. A number of custom fuctions for video Analysis have been integrated, of which some need refactoring. Other need better visualization techniques which yet have to be invented.

[1] Greenhalgh, Chris & French, Andy & Tennent, Paul & Humble, Jan & Crabtree, Andy. (2008). From ReplayTool to Digital Replay System.
[2] Brundell, Patrick & Tennent, Paul & Greenhalgh, Chris & Knight, Dawn & Crabtree, Andy & O'Malley, Claire & Ainsworth, Shaaron & Clarke, David & Carter, Ronald & Adolphs, Svenja. (2008). Digital Replay System (DRS)-a tool for interaction analysis. Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Learning Sciences (Workshop on Interaction Analysis).


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