ISPL-Sem-M: AI Governance and the use of AI in organizations (master seminar)


Organizations are increasingly venturing into various ways of using artificial intelligence (AI) for strategic and operational purposes. Given the tremendous impact but also the associated risks of using AI solutions, e.g. those offered by large platform companies such as Google or OpenAI, the importance of decision-making processes concerning AI utilization within organizations is increasing. Decisions regarding the use of IT have traditionally been part of IT governance, which is embedded in larger corporate governance frameworks. However, the question of decisions on the use and accountability in the context of AI are so far largely unanswered. These questions are the focus of this master seminar.

In the seminar, students will independently collect some empirical data, e.g., through qualitative interviews, to explore challenges and open questions for future research. Students will also review some relevant literature to place their findings in the context of existing research.


To apply, please fill out the form below before April 15, 12 noon. (Registration closed)

Acceptance notifications will be sent out on April 16.

Binding response whether you will participate in the seminar or not until April 19. Otherwise, your place will be given to others on the waiting list.

The seminar is an individual examination that consists of two parts:

  • A written seminar paper (12 pages text): 2/3 of the grade
  • An oral presentation of your work, answering questions, and participating in the discussion of other presentations: 1/3 of the grade

The language for the seminar papers, presentations, and discussions is English.


Tentative schedule (subject to change)

April 18, 4-6pm, Introduction overall topic
April 25, 4-6pm, Introduction to research work and topic discussion

May 13 (Monday), First deliverable (tba)
May 16, 4-6pm, Feedback session

June 10 (Monday), Second deliverable (tba)
June 13, 4-6pm, Feedback session, roundtable discussion

July 5, Submission final papers
July 11, full day, presentations (alternative date, July 12)

Attendance for these sessions is compulsory. There will be opportunities for additional informal feedback sessions.