ISPL-Sem-M: Digital platforms and small- and medium-sized organizations (master seminar)


Digital platforms have been foundational for major corporations such as Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft. Concurrently, newer entities like OpenAI in the domain of artificial intelligence have made significant strides. While technology sectors have garnered substantial attention, the implications of digital platforms are increasingly evident in traditional industries. Whereas larger incumbent organizations, e.g., large automotive manufacturers, may be relatively advanced in their digital transformation process and in defining their relationship with digital platform players, small and medium-sized organizations may often be at the beginning of this journey and also face specific challenges.

During the seminar, students will explore the challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized organizations when competing and collaborating with large digital platforms. Students are expected to undertake empirical data collection in the form of a limited number of qualitative interviews in local organizations. Furthermore, students will engage with relevant academic literature to frame their empirical findings within established research.


Please send a short motivation for participating in the seminar (informal, 1 paragraph).

Tentative schedule (subject to change)

October 18, 4-6pm, Introduction overall topic
October 25, 4-6pm, Intro to research work and topic discussion

November 20 (Monday), First deliverable (tba)
November 22 (Wednesday), 4-6pm, Feedback session

December 18 (Monday), Second deliverable (tba)
December 20 (Wednesday), 4-6pm, Feedback session, roundtable discussion

January 24, Submission final papers
January 31, full day, presentations