ISPL-DPIS-M: Digital platforms in industries and society (lecture & exercise)


Digital platforms have become instrumental in shaping industries and societies, touching aspects from entertainment to healthcare, and personal well-being to urban development. This course delves into the multifaceted impact of digital platforms on industries and society, exploring both their potential benefits and the challenges they introduce. Beginning with an introduction to digital platforms and the platform economy, the course progresses to examine the implications of these platforms on individuals, collectives, and various industry sectors. Through a blend of theoretical discussions, practical case studies, and hands-on activities, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the role digital platforms play in contemporary society.

Learning goals

After the course, participants will be able to...

  • Understand the foundational concepts of the digital platforms
  • Analyze the multi-faceted impacts of platforms on individuals and society
  • Examine the adaptation and transformation of various industries due to digital platforms
  • Engage critically with real-world impact of digital platforms from various perspectives
  • Develop strategies and opportunities to harness the potential of digital platforms in diverse sectors effectively


  • 6 ECTS
  • Language: English
  • Assessment: Exam, bonus points for exercises throughout the semester (more information in class)

Dates and time

Tuesdays, 16-20pm, Starts on October 17