• Personal chip card for all staff (except student assistants)    
  • University library card
  • Electronic purse (for payments made in dining halls and at vending machines, for private copying and print jobs)
  • Recording of official copying, printing and scan jobs
  • branch library 4/ERBA library admission control
  • Time tracking medium for non-academic staff
  • Use of lockers in the branch library 2, branch library 3, branch library 4 and branch library 5

Additionally, the ServiceCard functions as personal identification where admission control systems are in use.

Each of the University of Bamberg’s full-time and emeritus staff members receives a ServiceCard. In addition to these groups, doctoral candidates who are not currently employed by the University of Bamberg as academic staff may apply for a ServiceCard.

Part-time staff (e.g. student assistants, part-time lecturers) do not receive ServiceCards.

New full-time staff receive a ServiceCard application at the start of their employment. If this is not the case, you can use the online form.

Doctoral candidates who would like to receive a ServiceCard are required to fill in and submit the provided form to the ServiceCard team. In this case, email or similar requests are not sufficient.

There is no charge for the issue of your first ServiceCard.

The ServiceCard features a thermal rewrite strip printed with the card’s validity period (correlating to the duration of employment). Cards are validated for a maximum of one year, and upon revalidation, the information on the thermal rewrite strip is erased and reprinted with updated information.

The thermal rewrite strip is reprinted with an updated validity period following verification via cross-referencing the serial number and cardholder ID with the employee database. The validity information on the card’s memory chip is also updated. Cards must be revalidated as soon as the date printed on the front has been reached, otherwise the card cannot be used.

The ServiceCard also serves as your library card. To activate this function, you must present your card and personal identification to a staff member at any university library branch. Previously existing library accounts will be transferred to your new library account number (any previous library card will be cancelled), or a new account will be validated.

Once we have entered your new data into the personnel management system, we would be happy to issue you a new ServiceCard. Please use our form for this.Under Notes you can inform us that this is a follow-up card with a corresponding reason.

You should use up any remaining credit before applying for the new card.Otherwise, you can have the remaining credit paid out in advance by the Studentenwerk Würzburg.Contact points are the Canteens Austraße or Feldkirchenstraße (incl. cafeteria)

Then please return the old card to us in exchange.

No. Once your contract has been extended, you can simply revalidate your card (for a maximum of 1 year,as explained above) at one of the validation stations. If your position has changed since your last card validation, information concerning your new cost centre will also be updated.

If you are leaving, you can return your ServiceCard to the Dez. Z/IS - ServiceCard team (Kapuzinerstraße 32).

You can have the remaining credit paid out before the end of your employment relationship in the canteens in Feldkirchenstrasse (incl.Cafeteria) and Austrasse.

It is also possible to have the balance on the card paid out by the Studentenwerk Würzburg by bank transfer (fee: €0.50).

When you return the ServiceCard, you also send your bank details to the Z/IS department (Kapuzinerstraße 32)We will then forward the card to the Studentenwerk.Payment is made with a grace period of 14 days.

Your ServiceCard is personalised, meaning that it is linked to the BA number of your personal email and electronic services accounts.

With your ServiceCard, you can use the university’s photocopy machines for both official and private copying, printing and scanning.

Your card must have a minimum available balance of €0.80 for private copies and print jobs.

The costs for official, work-related copies and print jobs in campusprint are charged to the employee’s organisational unit. The number and type of copies and print jobs that are charged to a particular cost centre can be reviewed in the ZUV-portal at

Private campusprint print jobs can also be managed using your electronic purse. You can select the private copy mode on machines’ chip card terminals, and the printing/copying fees are withdrawn directly from the available balance on your card. Employees can also use the ZUV-portal to view the print jobs and other charges to their card. This system is similar to a bank statement and can be accessed at

Further information on campusprint is available in German from the Computing Centre /campusprint. A list of the university’s multi-function photocopy machines can be found at this web address: /medientechnik/kopieren-und-drucken.