Activating & Charging

After inserting a card into the groove of the printer for the purpose of validation, please do not remove it before the process is completed. Simply follow the simple instructions displayed on the terminal.

Validation terminals can be found

  • in the staircase at Kapuzinerstraße 25
  • in the hall leading up to the copy room on the groundfloor in Building 2 at Markusstraße 81
  • in the lobby of the computer centre at Feldkirchenstraße
  • in front of the library lobby at An der Weberei (ERBA)

On the chip of your chip card, there is an "electronic purse", which is like a cashless wallet. It can be used to pay for purchases made in the refectories and cafeterias of the Würzburg Student Union (Studentenwerks Würzburg) as well as for making private copies or printing private documents on multi-purpose printers. Electronic purses may be charged at the cash terminals; they are serviced by the Würzburg Student Union and the University of Bamberg.

You can find them in the following locations:

  • In the cafeteria at Markusplatz
  • In the Refectory lobby at Feldkirchenstraße
  • In the lobby of Branch Library 3 (Feldkirchenstraße)
  • In the lobby of Branch Library 4 (in the city)
  • In front of the library lobby at An der Weberei 5 (ERBA)

Please note that cash chargers are only accessible during refectory and library office hours. There is no fee when card holders want to charge their electronic purse. Currently, the maximum credit that a card can be charged with is 70 euros. Our cards are not compatible with cash cards issued by banks and savings banks; they can only be used at university terminals. The Otto-Friedrich University is not liable for any amounts of money saved on electronic purses. Furthermore, the University cannot transfer any credit from one card to another, e.g. when a card is lost or damaged. Such cases shall be handled exclusively by the Student Union (Studentenwerk).