Loss, Damage, and Replacement of Service Card


Unlike it's predecessor, the Mifare card, the new Mifare-DESfire card cannot be duplicated since InterCard has fitted it wiht AES technology (Advanced Encryption Standard). To prevent third parties from making counterfeits and misuse cards, a forgery-proof passport picture of the card holder is printed onto the card for authentication purposes.

Staff cards are exclusively to be used by staff personally and not to be transferred. We urge you not to let third parties use your card, particularly in view of the functionality of the Library Cards, such as the electronic purse. As long as you follow these recommendations, for example having your card locked in case of loss or after you have reported its theft, the risk of misuse is realtively low.

If you chip card is lost, be it due to carelessness or theft, you must report it immediately. You can do so by emailing servicecard(at)uni-bamberg.de. Please send the message from your university email account so we can verify your identity.

As soon as the card has been locked (usually one work day after you reported it), the chip card can no longer be used at any terminal in the university; this also applies to the electronic purse. Once the card is locked, your Library Account will also be disabled. This is meant to prevent misuse by a third party.

Chip cards can be unlocked as long as you have not received a replacement card. Only the card holder can unlock it. You can request it by sending an email from your university account, since you identify yourself by logging in. We will unlock your card immediately upon receiving your message.

Other cards, such as Cost Centre Cards can easily be unlocked.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund any credit on a lost card.

Two weeks after a broken or locked card has been submitted, the Student Union will refund any credit that was on it. It can be transferred to your bank account for a fee of 50 cents. That is the only way to be sure that no further bookings have been made with the card in the meantime. Normally, the Dez. Z/IS will submit your old card to the Student Union in order to save you time and effort.

First of all, please check if our web site can help you find the solution for your problem. If you get different error messages or if your card does not work anymore at all, please come and see us (Dez. Z/IS, Kapuzinerstraße 32; we are on the 1nd floor). We will check the card for errors and issue a new one, if needed. If you were grossly negligently in handling your card, you will be charged a service fee of 15 euros for the replacement.

Replacements are free if card breaks due to technical malfunctions, which must be verified by the Dze. Z/IS first. A new passport photograph is not required for a replacement card but can be used if desired.

Replacements for lost ServiceCards can be issued by the Dez. Z/IS ServiceCard Team.

Please contact us directly at servicecard(at)uni-bamberg.de .

You do not need to provide a new passport photograph for your replacement card, unless you so desire.