Cost Centre Card

Only the cost centre of the respective organisational unit is stored on the Mifare-DESfire-Chip (which is different from other personalized staff cards). This card is only for making job-related copies, printing hard copies, and doing scans. This card replaces the copy-check card, previously in use, and can be issued to auxiliary staff, in particular.

The Dez. Z/IS ServiceCard Team issues one Cost Centre Card to each Seat. A Cost Centre Card can be requested at

Two Cost Centre Cards can be issued for free.

Upon request, Cost Centre Cards can also be issued for projects. Cards are only issued for projects if the Budget Department has allocated them to a cost centre that is different from that of the Seat.

No, the Cost Centre Card exclusively serves the purpose of making or printing job-related copies. It is not possible to charge the electronic purse or to pay for items with it at the Refectory, for example.