Prepaid Allotment Card

In addition to the cards that are issued to particular employees and their affiliated cost centres, we also offer what is known as a prepaid allotment card. This card is issued by the Information Systems Division’s (Z/IS) ServiceCard team and can be requested by completing and submitting this form or by sending a simple email request, including the cost centre, to

This prepaid allotment card is a limited-sum cost centre card on which no personal information is saved. It can be used for making official copies.

The value of the card is 500 points (equivalent to €20). Each point is worth exactly 4 cents – the cost of one black and white A4 copy. We require a deposit of €15 for the issue of such a card. This deposit and the card balance are charged to the designated departmental or project account. The Z/IS ServiceCard team can add €20 to the card balance at any time. When a card is properly returned to the Z/IS ServiceCard team, the deposit and any remaining balance are credited to the appropriate account.