Our Country

Guatemala historically was a Mayan civilization. During the 16th century it was colonized by Spain and became a part of New Spain. On September 15th 1821 Guatemala declared its independence from Spain and the Mexican Empire.

Guatemala is located in Central American, sharing boarders with Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize. As well it is situated between the Pacific Ocean and The Caribbean Sea. Guatemala is not only blessed with beautiful seascapes, but as well lush rain forests, and breathtaking mountain ranges and volcanos, some of which are sill active.

Guatemala has a population of about 13.5 million. About 60% of the Guatemalan population are European Indigene “Ladinos” in other words of European (Spanish) decent. 40% of the population are of the Mayan civilization, the remaining accounts for other small minorities. Guatemala has over 50 recognized languages and dialects, 22 being of Mayan lineages. About 65% of the population is Roman-Catholic, 35% Protestant, and the remaining still practice Mayan religions.

Guatemala’s main exports are bananas, coffee, sugarcane, metals, rubber etc. Guatemala’s import, export partners are The United States, and as well other Central American countries. Guatemala belongs to several Central American as well as global economic organizations which will ensure and improve economic and social development in the country,

Guatemala is an active member of The United Nations since November, 21st 1945 and we are very proud and pleased to be representing it this year in The NMUN delegation.

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