Tutors 2019/2020

On this page, we present our Faculty Advisor and the Tutors. They all attended NMUN in the past and are looking forward to sharing their experiences with the new delegation. With unbreakable enthusiasm they are preparing us for our great challenge in New York City.

Aurelia Staak

Studies: B. A. Communication Science, B. A. Political Science (5th semester) 

Function as a tutor: Faculty Advisor; Social Media Tutor

Motivation: The experiences I made being a delegate last year were indescribable. I hope I can teach the new delegates everything I learned and witness how they grow in the upcoming semester.

Life Motto: "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou


Alexander Bausenwein

Studies: M. Sc. Survey Statistics (3rd semester)

Function as a tutor: Organisation of the MiniMUN and chairing at various conferences, tutoring the sponsoring team and responsible for the speech tutorium.

Motivation: I want to help the new delegation to enjoy the NMUN project as much as I did in the last two years. I’m looking forward to seeing them growing, both individually and as a group, with every part of the process.

Life Motto: The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.

David Beck

Studies: M. Sc. Survey Statistics (3rd semester) 

Function as a tutor: Organizing the BaMUN conference, speech training tutorials, tutoring the press and final report teams.

Motivation: The experience as a delegate was exceptional and has really helped me develop as a person, not to mention the incredible people I got to know through this project. This is what has motivated me to stay engaged with NMUN Bamberg as a tutor for the next delegation.

Life Motto: The path is the destination.

Johannes Geiger

Studies: M. A. Political Science (3rd semester)

Function as a tutor: To teach position paper writing, instruct the social media team, and assist in various other tasks.

Motivation: The project helped me grow so much both personally and professionally that I want to enable other students to make the same experiences. Basically, I want to give others the same great opportunities that I was given by my tutors.

Life Motto: As long as there’s room for you to grow, there’s no excuse to rest.

Florian Johren

Studies: Political Science and European Economic Studies

Function as a tutor: Consulting Head Delegate, Planning BaMUN conference, Resolution Writing and Speech training Tutorial, Recruiting Process.

Motivation: Passing on our experience and joy to the next generation of Bamberg delegates!

Life Motto: Consider everything, regret nothing.


Philip Lehmann

Studies: Research Associate/PhD Candidate 

Function as a tutor: Advising this year´s tutor team and delegation for the challenges ahead.

Motivation: In my experience, NMUN offers - one of the few - unique opportunities to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team during one’s course of study at the university. Striving toward one common goal regardless of one’s background is key to making this world a better place. Every year I see the passion and effort every student puts into the NMUN project. The chance to support and prepare them to be better global citizens and see them develop through their participation at the NMUN conference are key drivers of motivation to me.

Life Motto: Stay hungry. Stay foolish. 

Meike Lober

Studies:  B. A. Communication Science & Political Science (5th semester)

Function as a tutor:  Tutoring the Final Report Team, teaching the “Rules of Procedure”, accompanying the delegation on trips and other MUN conferences.

Motivation:  Since participating in the NMUN project last year, I wanted to help enable a new delegation to experience the project in the best way possible. It is an amazing opportunity to see the project structure from another perspective and to experience the team spirit and development of the new delegation.

Life Motto: Old ways won´t open new doors.


Svenja Lück

Studies: B. A. Political Science & Sociology (5th semester) 

Function as a tutor: Finance

Motivation: After participating in NMUN as a delegate last year, I am looking forward to helping the new delegation to experience NMUN as best as possible while further deepening my own knowledge and experience within this fascinating and unique project. 

Life Motto: „All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.“ - J.R.R. Tolkien



Prof. Dr. Monika Heupel

Position: Junior Professor for International and European Politics

Function: I teach the seminar “National Model United Nations – How the UN works”

Motivation: When I was a student, I missed the opportunity to be a part of a NMUN delegation. Teaching the seminar now gives me the opportunity to be part of NMUN, albeit in a different position. Plus, I have always been a big fan of the UN, despite its problems and shortcomings. Discussing the UN with students is therefore something I value immensely.