Double Degree Master's Programme in "Sociology and Social Research"

About the Double Degree

The University of Bamberg and the University of Trento offer a joint Double Degree Master's Programme in Sociology and Social Research. The programme has a strong focus on empirical social research. The first student exchange took place in the Winter term 2016/17.


The Double Degree Programme is a two-year programme that combines the contents of two Master programmes: the M.A. in "Sociology" (Soziologie) offered by the University of Bamberg and the Master's degree in "Sociology and Social Research" (Laurea Magistrale in Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale - classe 88) offered by the University of Trento. Students spend one year at each university and obtain both degrees. The programme can be started either in Bamberg or in Trento.


The whole programme is offered in English and taught by active and internationally experienced researchers. Students are introduced into state of the art research methods in empirical social research. They will be prepared to apply a broad range of empirical research methods to theoretically driven social research. Besides the strong focus on research methods the study programme offers two thematic areas of specialization: "Education, Labour, Inequality" or "Communication and Internet". Each Master's Thesis will be jointly supervised by supervisors from both universities.

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Fees and Scholarships

Both universities have agreed that students do not have to pay additional tuition fees during their year abroad. There are possibilities for students of both universities to receive grants or scholarships for their year abroad.

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Information about admission to the Double Degree Programme can be found here.