Dr. Wieke de Neef

Leitung, Arbeitsgebiet Archäologische Prospektion

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften, Denkmalwissenschaften und Kunstgeschichte
Am Kranen 14, Raum 02.12
96045 Bamberg

Tel.: +49 951 863-3930

E-Mail: wieke.de-neef(at)uni-bamberg.de

Sprechstunde während der Vorlesungszeit: Di, 10:00-12:00 Uhr





Lehrveranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2024

Vorlesung: Pseudoarchaeology (Dienstag 8:30-10:00 Uhr, KR14/00.06) 

Feldpraktikum/Übung: Geophysikalische Prospektion Römerstadt Aquinum (Latium, Italien)

Feldpraktikum/Übung: Geophysikalische Prospektion am Oppidum Kelheim (mit prof.dr. A. Schaefer, UFGA)


Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Mountains, Mobility and Memory

Pollino Archaeological Landscape Project (with University of Groningen and Pollino National Park – UNESCO Geopark, Italy)

Prima Europa / Frattesina  - geophysical prospection and geoarchaeology (with Sapienza Universita di Roma, CPSSAE, Soprintendenza Verona)

Prima Europa / Villamarzana - geophysical prospection and geoarchaeology (with University of Padova, Soprintendenza Verona)

Monte Croce Guardia (Arcevia, Italy) – geophysical prospection and geoarchaeology (with Sapienza Universita’ di Roma)

Salt and Power – Early states, Rome and resources (Italy) – geophysical prospection (with University of Groningen)

Hillfort Monte Santa Croce-Cognolo – geophysical prospection and geoarchaeology (with UCL, KNIR)


Publikationen (Auswahl)

De Neef, W. 2023. Sensing the Bronze Age. Non-invasive geophysical prospection in the archaeology of Bronze Age Italy and adjacent areas. Origini 46: 109-136.

De Neef, W., Ullrich, B., Ferdani, D., Demetrescu, E., Hayward, S., Maass, R., Noorda, N., Zoellner, H. 2023. Non-invasive prospection and landscape archaeology of Monte Primo (Marche, Italy): new perspectives on a monumental mountain site. Archeologia Picena, Atti del Convegno Internazionale, Frapiccini, N., Naso, A. (eds.), Rome, Quasar: 72-91.

De Neef, W., Voutsaki, S., Ullrich, B., Freibothe, R., 2022. A palace under the olive trees. Investigating the spatial organization of the Mycenaean palatial center at Ayios Vasileios (Laconia, Greece) through large-scale magnetic gradiometry. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences DOI: 10.1007/s12520-022-01513-6.

De Neef, W., and Ullrich, B. 2021. Tracing protohistoric technology using geophysical techniques in Italy and the Crimea. Bulletin Antieke Beschavingen BABesch, Supplement 41. Tracing Technology. Forty Years of Archaeological Research at Satricum, Gnade, M., Revello Lami, M. (eds.), Leuven, Peeters: 227-239.

De Neef, W., Larocca, A., Attema, P. 2021. Archaeology meets ethnography: mobility in the foothills and uplands of the Pollino range (Calabria) during the Bronze Age and Late Modern period. In: Larocca, F., Mittica, G., Colelli, C., Larocca, A. (eds.), Analecta Romana Instituti Danici. Supplement: Dal Pollino all’Orsomarso. Ricerche archeologiche tra Ionio e Tirreno.Rome, Accademia di Danimarca: 363-381.

Tol, G., De Haas, T., Sevink, J., Schepers, M., Ullrich, B., De Neef, W. 2021. There's more than meets the eye”: Developing an integrated archaeological approach to reconstruct human–environment dynamics in the Pontine marshes (Lazio, Central Italy). Geoarchaeology 36(1): 109-129.

De Neef, W. 2020. A crossroads in the central Potenza Valley: non-invasive research of settlement (dis-) continuity at Monte Franco (Pollenza, Marche, Italy). In: Boschi, F., Giorgi, E., Vermeulen, F. (eds), Picenum and the Ager Gallicus at the Dawn of the Roman Conquest: Topography and Material Culture.Oxford: Archaeopress: 133-141.

Sevink, J., De Neef, W., Alessandri, L., Van Hall, R., Cinquegrana, M.R., Ullrich, B., Attema, P.A.J. 2020. Protohistoric briquetage at Puntone (Tuscany, Italy): principles and processes of an industry, based on leaching of saline lagoonal sediments. Geoarchaeology. DOI: 10.1002/gea.21820