Software: Multi-Atlas Label Propagation with EM-refinement (MALPEM)


Software package to perform a whole-brain segmentation of a T1-weighted magnetic resonance brain image. The essential modules of MALPEM are: N4 bias correction, pincram brain extraction, label propagation (ireg), label fusion (Gaussian weighted local label fusion), label refinement (EM algorithm).
MALPEM should run on any 64-bit Linux machine or on MacOS/Windows using a Virtual machine. Please see 'README' file provided in the package for more information. 

[Download installer: MALPEM v1.3 (20 kB)]
[Source available on GitHub]

[Example PDF report]

Description: To run MALPEM download the above package and run './malpem_installer/malpem-install' for installation. For further instructions on how to install and run MALPEM see provided 'README' file. MALPEM will calculate a binary brain mask, a structural segmentation (138 structures) and a PDF report.

The methodology is described in the following publications:

(please cite for MALPEM framework and structural segmentation)
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(please cite for brain extraction) 
R. Heckemann, C. Ledig, K. R. Gray, P. Aljabar, D. Rueckert, J. V. Hajnal, and A. Hammers, “Brain extraction using label propagation and group agreement: pincram,” PLoS ONE, 10(7), pp. e0129211, 2015. [doi][pdf][bib] 

(Additional related publications)
C. Ledig, R. A. Heckemann, P. Aljabar, R. Wolz, J. V. Hajnal, A. Hammers, and D. Rueckert, “Segmentation of MRI brain scans using MALP-EM,” MICCAI 2012 Grand Challenge and Workshop on Multi-Atlas Labeling, pp. 79-82, 2012. [pdf] [bib] 

C. Ledig, R. Wolz, P. Aljabar, J. Loetjoenen, R. A. Heckemann, A. Hammers, and D. Rueckert, “Multi-class brain segmentation using atlas propagation and EM-based refinement,” Proceedings of ISBI 2012, pp. 896-899, 2012. [pdf][bib] [doi]