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Welcome to the Academy of Conservation and Care for the Environment (ACCE), a living lab for exploring and reframing the relationship between the historic and natural environment. Through transdisciplinary knowledge creation and exchange, we will learn how caring for heritage and responding to environmental change go hand in hand. Join us from 20/10/2024 to 31/10/2024 in the UNESCO World Heritage site Petra, Jordan, for a unique opportunity to engage with the network of local, regional, and international communities that work there.

Event Details




Petra, Jordan





Who Should Attend:

Post graduate students and young professionals in

  • conservation science
  • architectural conservation
  • heritage studies
  • ecology & environmental science
  • landscape archaeology



Safeguarding the values of the historic environment can help us to respond to rapid societal and climatic change. To help address these complex challenges, the Academy of Conservation and Care for the Environment (ACCE) fosters national and international knowledge exchange among young professionals. ACCE is building a platform for young professionals to come together and participate in workshops at the intersection of natural and cultural heritage environments, by learning from and working with the communities entrusted with their care.

The inaugural ACCE 2024 will take place in Petra, Jordan. Petra is a model site for the challenges and opportunities of integrated environmental management. It holds meaning for diverse groups of people, from local inhabitants to visiting tourists. For this, it accommodates a broad range of intersecting values, from ecosystem services to evidence of past cultures. That is manifest in a complex tapestry of economic and regulatory frameworks that govern its management. The result is a fragile balance that is vulnerable to threats of increasing frequency or magnitude, such as flash floods or disruptions to the tourist economy. But these factors do not only mean that Petra is at risk from climate change, they also point to the role these places can play in exploring and promoting solutions to the crisis. The ethos of ACCE is that the places we care so deeply about can give human scale to the otherwise abstract scale of planetary change. We can use sites like Petra as a living lab, to teach each other how to care for the things we value. This will go beyond safeguarding the heritage of these places, by renewing their significance for our present times, and writing new chapters in the story of our possible futures.


Why ACCE 2024?

1. Knowledge Exchange Work together with professionals from a broad range of disciplines and different international backgrounds and contribute to the safeguarding of Petra's heritage values.

2. Workshops: Participate in practical workshops, surveys and field exercises led by local and international specialists. Enhance your practical skills and gain firsthand experience of managing complex heritage sites at Petra.

3. Transdisciplinary Collaboration: Participate in workshops that explore the intersection of natural and cultural heritage, fostering collaborative research and co-creation processes.

4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow participants, local and international specialists. Build valuable professional relationships and explore potential collaborations for future projects.


How to Apply?

Submit your application by (16/04/2024) as PDF’s in English language to acce.kdwt(at)uni-bamberg.de with the subject line "ACCE 2024 Application – (Your First Name and Surname)."

The application includes:

  1. Letter of motivation (max. 1 page)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Short Portfolio or examples of relevant work (if applicable)

Selection Process:

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts.

Financial Support:

The ACCE arranges for accommodation and covers travel costs (lump sum). A small financial contribution towards living expenses will also be provided. Details will be given upon acceptance.

Participants must provide proof of accident and liability insurance (valid in Jordan).


Contact Information

For inquiries or additional information, please contact acce.kdwt(at)uni-bamberg.de.

The Academy of Conservation and Care for the Environmentis designed and implemented by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP), the Centre for Heritage Conservation Studies and Technologies (KDWT) at the University of Bamberg, the University of Oxford – Sites at the Intersection of Natural and Cultural Heritage (SXNCH), and the Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA).

Supported by the German Protestant Institute (DEI), the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), and the Parco Archeologico di Pompei (PAP).


We look forward to receiving your applications and welcoming you to Petra for an inspiring and collaborative event.


The project is funded by the “Alan and Linde Katritzky Foundation”.