New Releases 2021

Interpretationskonzepte von Deutschlehrkräften und ihren Schüler*innen : Eine explorative Studie / Daniela Matz

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(Bamberger Studien zu Literatur, Kultur und Medien  ; 33)

Price: 36,00 €

The study explores views of literary interpretation of German teachers and their students. The method of research is based on the triangulation of data (teaching materials, qualitativ interviews, so called „Interpretationsaufsätze“ und the teacher’s feedback) and their content analysis. One of the main research result is, that teachers and their students form groups of interpretation that can be described by different interpretational rules. Teachers are therefore highly effective in der professional work. Students are influencend by the teacher’s language, learning-arrangements and the teacher’s feedback. It can also be stated, that most views on literary interpretation lack in central components of reading literarcy. This has an high impact on teacher’s and student’s dealings with literary ambiguity, since it is very often not taken into account. One of the reasons for this is a well established practice of literary interpretation in German grammer schools.

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Kleine Funde, große Geschichten : Archäologische Funde aus dem Bamberger Dom ; Begleitheft zur Ausstellung im Historischen Museum Bamberg  / Nelo Lohwasser, Rainer Schreg (Hg.)

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(AMANZ notizhefte; 1)

Price: 14,50 €

Bamberg Cathedral, the most important building in the city, was built more than 1000 years ago. Prof. Dr. Walter Sage, who later became the first professor of medieval and postmedieval archaeology at the University of Bamberg, carried out large-scale excavations from 1969-72. He researched almost the entire nave as well as large areas of the aisles. Foundations of all construction phases were found, as well as many burials and a large number of small finds. Many finds were part of the interior of the first cathedral, allowing a reconstruction of the floor and the wall design.
50 years after the excavations the analysis of these finds is part of a new scientific project. Together with the 40th anniversary of the chair of medieval and postmedieval archaeology this is the occasion for a special exhibition in the Historical Museum Bamberg. The exhibition and this booklet were realized in cooperation with the Bamberg Historical Association, who owns the finds today, and with the support of the Archdiocese of Bamberg. Conception, exhibition texts as well as most of the article were prepared by students of the chair of medieval and postmedieval archaeology.

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Zeichenlandschaften : Religiöse Semiotisierungen im interdisziplinären Diskurs / Herausgegeben von Jürgen Bründl, Thomas Laubach und Konstantin Lindner

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(Bamberger Theologische Studien  ; 41)

Price: 29,00 €

"Space" currently gets high attention in the humanities and cultural studies. It is perceived as a "semiosphere" of inscription - also and especially in relation to religious meanings. The contributions in this book are dedicated to spatial constellations of religious semioses from a theological and philosophical perspective, but also from an interdisciplinary point of view.
The articles are reflecting space in multiple ways by combining exegetical, systematic, and practical disciplines of Christian and Jewish theology with archaeology, philosophy, and sociology. This offers a representative insight into the very different ways in which theologies as well as humanities and cultural studies explore religiously coded landscapes.

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Der satirische Agon : Das erste Satirenbuch des Horaz als agonale Mischgattung und als Dispositiv der Macht / Florian Langbein

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(Schriften aus der Fakultät Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg  ; 35)

Preis: 21,00 €

Das erste Satirenbuch des Horaz ist nach einhelliger Forschungsmeinung eine Mischung verschiedener literarischer Gattungen. In dieser Dissertation werden erstmals die Wortgefechte im Satirenbuch untersucht und die Einflüsse anderer agonaler Gattungen (Epos, Tragödie, Komödie) festgestellt. Weiterhin wird das Satirenbuch als politisch erwiesen nach Foucaults Dispositiv der Macht.

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Vielfalt vor Ort : Die Entwicklung des privaten Rundfunks in Bayern / herausgegeben von Markus Behmer und Vera Katzenberger unter Mitwirkung von Julia Gürster

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(Schriften aus der Fakultät Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg  ; 34)

Price: 34,00 €

Since 1973, the Bavarian State Constitution requires broadcasting services licensed in Bavaria to be organised under public control. However, since the mid 1980s the most diverse commercial radio and television landscape has developed in Bavaria. There are local broadcasting stations in every major city and in every government district.
On 600 pages, the anthology offers an overview of how this media scene has developed under the oversight of the Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien (BLM), the regulatory authority for new media in Bavaria, over the last decades.
In six chapters and more than 30 articles, historians and communication scientists discuss the broadcasting structure, the legal, technical and economic basics, the program offers and their use, as well as, for example, approaches to promote media literacy and media quality.
In addition, detailed studies provide current findings, for example, on approaches to cross-media work and the development of editorial structures as well as the position of women in editorial offices, campus radio offers, the content of regional news, the growing importance of podcasts, music formats and forms of moderation over the decades and much more.
Thus, the anthology comprehensively represents the diversity of the commercial broadcasting in Bavaria.

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Geschichte von Helden : Beiträge aus dem W-Seminar am E.T.A. Hoffmann Gymnasium / herausgegeben von Valentina Ringelmann und Detlef Goller

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(MimaSch – Mittelalter macht Schule  ; 5)

Price: 19,00 €

In this fifth volume of the MimaSch series, the development, realization and results of a collabo-ration between school and university that has been repeatedly called for are documented. In the course of the topic- and competence-oriented teaching of Middle High German language and literature of the Chair of German Philology of the Middle Ages, a scientific propaedeutic seminar on the concept of the hero was carried out together with the E.T.A Hoffmann Gymnasium Bam-berg in the grammar school upper level, at the end of which the first scientific papers were writ-ten and presented. In an introduction, the Middle High German Nibelungenlied is discussed as a starting text for an educational examination of the concept of the hero. Furthermore, from the perspective of the supervising teacher, the added value of a cooperation between school and uni-versity is demonstrated, especially with regard to the current competence orientation. Finally, the qualification works of the students are compiled, which impressively show the learning processes and achieved learning successes.

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Verzauberung der Welt? Religiöse Symbolsysteme in Geschichte und Gegenwart / Herausgegeben von Thomas Laubach und Christina Potschka

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(Bamberger Theologische Studien  ; 40)

Price: 18,50 €

Religion disappears in the fog of plurality, vanishes in the heat of profanity. This is a common thesis that ties in with the modern "master narrative" of the disenchantment of the world and the decline of religion. But the postulated megatrend of the disappearance of religion is countered by its return in many areas of social life. The supposed secularization is confronted with a resacralization. Beyond its supposed disenchantment, religion obviously possesses a productive 'glowing core'. The dimension of transcendence, the genesis and enforcement of religiously shaped values, the significance of religious symbol systems in seemingly secularized societies, or even concepts of the sacredness of people, gods, living beings, and things are all worthy of consideration.
The contributions by Klaus Bieberstein, Ernst Peter Fischer, Hans Joas, Thomas Laubach, Angelika Neuwirth, Peter B. Steiner and Reinhard Zintl reflect on this tense situation and offer starting points for a new dialogue between secularization and sacralization.

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Analyse des Geschäftsmodells : Verkehrsinfrastrukturgenossenschaft aus Sicht der Stakeholder / Melanie Beck

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(Logistik und Supply Chain Management  ; 24)

Price: 30,00 €

In Germany, numerous infrastructure projects are implemented through cooperation between the public sector and a private company. This is done within the framework of a public-private partnership (short: PPP).
In the area of transportation infrastructure, too, many projects are implemented as PPPs.
Private companies take over the responsibilities of expansion, new construction (if necessary), maintenance and operation of a contractually defined highway section, usually with a contract term of 25-30 years. If the company fulfills the previously defined services, it receives a payment from the public sector. According to current plans of the federal government, approximately 1,280 km of the German highway network are to be renewed through PPP projects. However, there is a controversial discussion of these projects both in theory and in practice. On the one hand, according to the Federal Audit Office, such projects are more expensive than conventional implementation. On the other hand, according to a study by the Technical University of Braunschweig, large contractors in particular benefit from this. Medium-sized, regional construction companies have hardly any opportunities to participate in PPPs.
Goal of the research project was the analysis of a transport infrastructure cooperative, which shows an alternative to the existing PPP projects. The basic idea of this cooperative is the consideration of the midsize contractors sector and to create a regional added value.

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“The wounded Beast?” : Single Women, Tradition, and the Bible in Zimbabwe / Kudzai Biri. With a foreword by Joachim Kügler

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(Bible in Africa Studies  ; 28) (Exploring Religion in Africa ; 6)

Price: 19,00 €

BiAS 28/ ERA 6 captures the experiences of single women in Zimbabwe. It brings out the indigenous cultural socialisations that negatively impact on them. The vibrancy of Pentecostalism did not save them from stigma and negative perceptions but rather fuels their challenges and misery. The over-glorification of marriage over and above singlehood and in extreme cases denunciation of singlehood, has implications for single women, especially for those who have divorced. The attitudes and perceptions towards single women in the families, society and Church are largely adversarial and do not attach dignity and value, in a nation where marriage and motherhood remain important and cherished statuses. Therefore, the author adopts a multi-dimensional approach in analysing and critiquing the pitfalls of Shona indigenous cultures, limitations of Pentecostal gender ideology and proffers avenues that can create safe spaces for single women.

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Die Steinmetzzeichen des Ulmer Münsters : Erfassung und Auswertung 1966 - 2020 / Reinhard Wortmann. Herausgegeben von Claudia Eckstein

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2021
(Forschungen des Instituts für Archäologische Wissenschaften, Denkmalwissenschaften und Kunstgeschichte  ; 11)

Price: 27,00 €

Die „steinernen Signaturen“ der mittelalterlichen Steinmetzen besitzen bis heute einen ganz besonderen Reiz und bergen als persönliche Marke des einzelnen am Bau beteiligten Individuums wertvolle Informationen für die Baugeschichte. An zahlreichen historischen Objekten wurde ihr Wert für die Rekonstruktion von Bauabläufen und bauhistorischen Zusammenhängen bereits erwiesen. Um die Steinmetzzeichen für bauforscherische Fragestellungen nutzbar zu machen, bedarf es im Vorfeld allerdings ihrer systematischen Erfassung und Auswertung.
Als 1966 die Sanierungsarbeiten im Innenraum des Ulmer Münsters begannen und verschiedene Bauteile mit einer Gerüststellung versehen wurden, nutzte Reinhard Wortmann, promovierter Kunsthistoriker und langjähriger Mitarbeiter des Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg, die einmalige Gelegenheit, die Steinmetzzeichen der eingerüsteten Bauteile über Jahrzehnte hinweg zu dokumentieren und in steingenauen Plänen zu verzeichnen. Nach über 50 Jahren zeugen 92 Pläne, etwa 900 verschiedene erfasste Zeichen und deren Auswertung in vier umfangreichen Tabellen von der beeindruckenden und langwierigen Arbeit, der Reinhard Wortmann neben seiner damaligen beruflichen Tätigkeit bis zuletzt mit großer Genauigkeit und Leidenschaft nachging. Dieses Buch ist Zeugnis seiner strukturierten Dokumentationsarbeit an auf lange Zeit nicht mehr zugänglichen Bauteilen des Ulmer Münsters und kann damit bauhistorischen und kunsthistorischen Forschungen als bedeutende Quelle dienen.

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