Who is behind wikimove?

The brains behind wikimove are Daniel Wolpert and Michael Federlin, former housemates and work colleagues in Silicon Valley (with Mercedes-Benz R&D North America) who have been friends for over five years. Michael completed his Master at the University of Bamberg.

What does wikimove do?

wikimovehas developed the FLOW app. FLOW is an open system for mobility management and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) that supports cities, consumers and providers of mobility and mobility infrastructure in handling the shift away from private ownership of vehicles and towards shared and emissions-free urban mobility.

How did the idea for FLOW arise?

The idea for FLOW developed in Silicon Valley as an answer to the traffic chaos caused by electric kick scooters and other forms of shared mobility.

What is the connection to the University of Bamberg?

Michael studied Information Systems in Bamberg. In addition, the team was funded from January 2020 up to and including March 2021 as part of the EXIST Business Start-up Grant. During this period, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake (Chair of Information Systems and Energy Efficient Systems) supported the team as mentor.

What tip does the team have for other start-up founders and potential entrepreneurs?

Bring staying power and don’t let setbacks discourage you!