Das BIG hat das Innovationslabor in der TB5 mit modernem Mobiliar ausgestattet. Jürgen Schabel/Universität Bamberg

The Innovation Lab at the University of Bamberg provides space for creative and conceptual work.

In den modern eingerichteten Co-Working Räumen können Teams in Ruhe an ihrer Gründungsidee feilen. Jürgen Schabel/Universität Bamberg

You can accomplish focused work on founding your start-up in our co-working spaces.

Gründungsteams verfeinern mit PlaymobilPro ihre Gründungsidee. Jürgen Schabel/Universität Bamberg

You can work with Protobox prototyping and facilitation materials, Playmobil Pro or Lego Serious Play – why not give them a try?

Our spaces for fostering ideas and start-ups!

We give enterprise founders and potential entrepreneurs space to evolve ideas in our Innovation Lab and in four co-working spaces in branch libraries at the University of Bamberg. The Innovation Lab is a space for having and unfolding ideas: you can spin out your ideas freely here, give shape to your concepts and exchange ideas in a flexible working environment. The co-working spaces are for focused work like preparing funding applications or planning. They are also equipped with ultramodern technology and are ideal for giving presentations or making pitches. The rooms, and especially the Innovation Lab, are also available for university teaching and events connected to entrepreneurship and developing business ideas. Materials for ideas development can also be booked here. If you are interested in using these spaces, let us know – we look forward to hearing from you!

The Innovation Lab in the Branch Library 5

The Innovation Lab is located in Branch Library 5. It is a generous, bright, airy space with flexible furnishings that facilitate creative and innovative work.

You will find a cosy consulting corner, furnishing by Studiotools.io that is ideal for creative workshops, courses and representational events, a large wall area, a diverse selection of materials for creative and conceptual work, ultramodern technology for presentations and interactive work and the expertise of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BIG) to call on should you need it.

The Innovation Lab can be booked directly from the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Please note that the reason given for booking must be connected to founding an enterprise or developing entrepreneurial ideas.

You can enquire here about booking the Innovation Lab.

The co-working spaces in the Branch Libraries 2, 3, 5 and ERBA

The co-working spaces are located in the Branch Libraries 2, 3, 5 and ERBA. They are flexibly furnished and can serve as rooms for working, being creative, holding meetings or giving presentations. Materials for creative and conceptual work are available.

These spaces are freely accessible and can be used as work rooms. Students and members of the University can also book the rooms for a maximum of one day at a time for focused work on their start-up projects (these bookings can be made no more than 7 days in advance). In exceptional cases, start-up founders can also book a room for up to 3 weeks, but only for specific founding-related activities (such as writing a funding application, preparing to launch a start-up, or getting ready for talks with investors).

To make a booking enquiry about using a co-working space for a longer period, click here.

Protobox, Playmobil Pro and Lego Serious Play

Materials for working with whiteboards is available in all the rooms by default. You can also borrow a Protobox, Playmobil Pro or Lego Serious Play from BIG. A Protobox contains a highly diverse selection of materials you can use to tinker, experiment, and prototype your way to the very first versions of a product.  Playmobil Pro is suitable for modelling diverse settings and the scenes that unfold within them. By imaginatively immersing oneself in situations, one can gain a fuller understanding of the processes involved. Lego Serious Play combines both aspects and can be used in a multitude of ways. You are welcome to approach us for guidance on deploying any of these tools.

Protobox, Playmobil Pro and Lego Serious Play can all only be used in conjunction with a room booking. You can book them when you book the room or make a separate booking enquiry here.