What does Communicaite do?

Automated messages with AI. By combining insights from communication science and the latest developments from AI, Communicaite helps to write messages – individually crafted for the recipient.

How did Communicaite emerge?

Sebastian, an alumnus of the University of Bamberg, conducted research at the interface between communication and AI during a research stay at MIT. Based on this, he developed a structured approach that makes it possible to teach an AI the basics of effective communication.

Who is behind Communicaite?

Sebastian, who did his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Bamberg, is CEO and takes care of all developments around Artificial Intelligence at Communicaite.
Teddy holds a Master's with a focus on communication from Harvard. Combined with several years of founding experience, he is responsible for communication aspects and commercialization at Communicaite.
Krzysiek has over 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer at well-known companies from around the world, incl. Silicon Valley. With these skills, he is the main developer of the team.
The team is supported by Prof. Weitzel.

What is the connection to the University of Bamberg?

Sebastian studied Applied Computer Sciences in Bamberg. In addition, as part of their EXIST Business Start-up Grant for 2022, the team is supported by Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel (Chair of Information Systems and Services), who has taken on the mentorship.

Why is the team attracted to entrepreneurship?

Three simple reasons:

  1. We can make a difference in the world. We can do it in a context that we really care about. And, we can do it on our terms.
  2. Entrepreneurship allows us to create jobs for ourselves that cater to our own passions and preferences.
  3. It's an incredible feeling to take “nothing” and create something of value out of it..

What advice can Communicaite give other start-up founders and potential entrepreneurs for the path ahead?

„An Entrepreneur is someone who builds something regardless the resources.“ – German Accelerator.

This definition resonates with our team. As a founder, it doesn't matter what is or is not possible; as a founder, you find creativity ways to do things that others deemed impossible.

In this context, we think it’s important to understand three things when you want to start your entrepreneurial journey:

  1. You will never have enough experience to start your company. You earn the experience while being a founder. Start now!
  2. Being an entrepreneur means doing things. Don’t get caught up with decision-making. Your decisions will be good enough. And if they aren’t, you’re way better off discovering it early while testing the idea.
  3. Talk about your idea. You are the ones who make your idea real. If you don't promote it, no one will. And, listen to the feedback you get to make your product better for the people who will use it.


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