Coworking Space for Women

What does FEM{ME}SPACE do?

FEM{ME}SPACE is a location for creative people, entrepreneurs and freelancers, mothers, people who have grown tired of working from home. A workplace where people feel comfortable and a space where encounters with other people spark outbreaks of courage. It is not just self-employed people and entrepreneurs who are welcome here.

How did FEM{ME}SPACE develop?

FEM{ME}SPACE emerged out a belief that women working in a “protected” space inspire, motivate and strengthen one another – far from jealousy and resentment..

What is the attraction of entrepreneurship?

To run a business is to shoulder responsibility – and not only for how one organises one’s own working day.

Who is behind FEM{ME}SPACE?

Sarah Seewald, 29 years old, a freelance journalist and documentary family and birth photographer. From 2011 to 2014, she studied communications and political science at the University of Bamberg. After almost reaching the end of her degree – including the completion of her internship and the writing of her BA thesis – she accepted employment as an editor after bungling a statistics exam.

What tip does Sarah Seewald have for other start-up founders and potential entrepreneurs?

Have faith in your ideas and look for people right at the beginning of your outbreak of courage who know what wanting to work and grow with ideas and visions is like.