Guest Card

Guest Card

The Guest Card provides the opportunity to make use of the university’s various card-based services for a fee. The cards can be issued in any of the University of Bamberg’s six library branches. The card includes an electronic purse function which can be used to pay for meals in the university’s dining halls or for private copies made using university photocopy machines. In order to use the copy machines, the card must have an available balance of at least €0.80.

The guest card can also be used to access the ERBA library outside of the opening hours. Please contact the circulation desk in the ERBA library. If an activation can be made, the guest card must be validated after validation of the registration for the activation. Access to the ERBA library is possible from the following day.

Furthermore, it is possible to use the locker lockers in the sub-library 5 and sub-library 3 with the guest card.

Guests are required to put down a €15 security deposit on the card prior to issue. Cards can be returned to any of the university’s library branches. Due to budgetary regulations, your security deposit can only be returned as a bank transfer (cash is unfortunately not possible), and it is therefore necessary to fill in and sign this return voucher (it can also be provided by library staff). Your deposit will only be refunded if you have properly returned an undamaged card.

As University of Bamberg library staff cannot compensate you for any money left on your card, you should use any remaining balance in your electronic purse prior to returning the Guest Card. It is also possible to have student services (Studentenwerk Würzburg) pay out the remaining balance in cash. To do this, please contact either Ms Platok in the city centre (Judenstraße 10/Eisgrube) or the staff of the student café (not the main dining hall) at the Feldkirchenstraße campus.