In addition to the option of taking up a teacher training degree at general education or vocational schools, the following further qualifications and additional training courses are available to you:

Additional qualifications in teacher training allow students to specialise in specific areas and increase the range of opportunities for employment both in and out of school:

  • Guidance Counsellor

In addition to every teacher training programme at the University of Bamberg, students can acquire the additional qualification of Guidance Counsellor, which qualifies them to work in the state school guidance system in Bavaria.

  • Supplementary Degree in Mathematics and Science Education (MNE)

The Supplementary Degree in Mathematics and Science Education is aimed at students of vocational education/social pedagogy and social services (B. Ed.). The aim of the supplementary degree programme is to teach and deepen the mathematical and scientific as well as didactic basics that are necessary for teaching mathematics and natural science at vocational schools.

  • Basic Certificate “Cultural Education”

Every teacher faces the challenge of how to appropriately address cultural diversity in school and in the classroom. The Basic Certificate “Culture-Related Education” can be acquired by all students and teachers (not limited to certain school types or subjects) who can prove that they have attended at least 6 courses of 90 minutes each (a total of 9 hours).

  • Modular Studies

Modular studies enable students to acquire specific academic or professional qualifications in one module (which may consist of more than one course). Once you have completed the relevant module, you will receive a certificate that also indicates your grade and ECTS points. In order to enrol in a module, you must provide proof of your qualifications resp. entry requirements for the degree programme in which that module is incorporated.

  • Continuing Education

The Centre for University Continuing Education provides information and offers for students interested in continuing education.

Graduates with a state examination or bachelor’s degree have the option to take up a master’s degree programme, provided they meet the relevant admission requirements. These programmes open the door to further academic studies (doctoral qualification) and individual specialisations. Master’s degree programmes that are particularly relevant to the teaching profession are listed below. For a complete overview of the master’s programmes available at the University of Bamberg, please refer to the information provided by the Student Advisory Service

  • Master’s degree in Management and School Leadership

Interested students can gain further qualifications for the leadership and management of educational institutions with the master’s programme in Management and School Leadership. In addition to graduates in other disciplines, such as psychology or social science, this master’s programme is aimed primarily at graduates with a teaching degree.

  • Master’s degree in Educational Quality in Developing Countries

The master’s programme “Educational Quality in Developing Countries” focuses on teaching competences that prepare students for school management responsibilities while dealing with the difficult conditions of education and schooling in developing countries. The programme focuses in great detail on the research-based and practical examination of interculturality and heterogeneity.

Graduates with a state examination and/or master’s degree have the option of gaining further academic qualifications within the framework of a doctoral programme (please note: you might have to meet additional requirements for admission to doctoral studies; please refer to the information linked below).

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