Help for students who are refugees from Ukraine

The University of Bamberg is helping Ukrainian students who have had to leave Ukraine and are currently unable to continue their studies there due to the war. At the University of Bamberg, they are to given the unbureaucratic opportunity to enroll for the summer semester of 2023. Currently, most of the teaching takes place face-to-face in the lecture halls on site (not online).

Who can study at the University of Bamberg?

All Ukrainians who are currently enrolled at a Ukrainian university and now come to Bamberg as refugees.

Which prerequisite do you need?

You need to prove that you are officially registered as a refugee in Bamberg and have been assigned accommodation in the Bamberg region. You must be able to present a valid Ukrainian student ID.

How can you enroll?

After your online application with proof of registration as a refugee and accommodation in the Bamberg region together with your Ukrainian student ID, you will receive admission to study in the summer semester 2023. With this admission, you can then immediately enroll in the University of Bamberg. For the semester contribution fees due for enrolment, a request can be submitted to have the costs covered by the University of Bamberg.

Which courses can I take at the University of Bamberg?

With your admission to the University of Bamberg, you can basically take all the courses offered for which you meet the subject-related requirements and have sufficient language skills. In addition, the Language Centre of the University offers intensive German courses from the beginner level upwards.

Will my courses completed at the University of Bamberg be recognised?

You will receive a certificate for all successfully completed courses at the end of the semester. If you apply during the winter semester for admission to a regular degree programme starting in the summer semester, the courses you have already passed will be credited for this purpose. In principle, you can assume that courses passed at our university will also be recognised by other German and foreign universities.

You would like to enroll at the University of Bamberg for the summer semester 2023?

Then please contact us at the following e-mail address:

Please find further information on registration in the city of Bamberg, social benefits and accommodation at: