Solidarity with Ukraine
Statement by the University Board of Management

[Official press release, dated February 26, 2022]

The University of Bamberg’s board of management condemns the invasion of Ukraine by troops of the Russian Federation. We reject any attack on the territory of a sovereign state for political purposes as a violation of international law, and join the Bavarian government’s demand for an immediate halt to the invasion.

Violence, disregard for national and international law, and especially disregard for human rights, civil liberties, and academic freedom, pose a severe threat to the academic system. Scientific progress needs peace, the rule of law, and the freedom of unhindered exchange among scholars across state borders. As the leadership of a German university, we are acutely aware of the vulnerability of universities as a whole, but also of individual scholars.

Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine, as they are with the students and staff from Ukraine at our university. They all are particularly close to us in these difficult times. Responsibility for the attack on Ukraine lies with the Russian government. We stand in solidarity with the open letter from scholars in Russia who are courageously speaking out against the war despite an increasingly repressive state apparatus. We oppose any hostilities directed at our university’s members simply because of their Russian background. Universities must remain places of respectful discourse even in difficult times.

The University of Bamberg will try to provide practical support for affected students. If you have any problems, contact the staff of the International Office. There are many places that offer counseling, both at the university and in the city of Bamberg. These include the university’s Psychosocial Counseling Center for employees, the psychotherapeutic counseling offered for students at the Studentenwerk, as well as the university chaplaincy for students. Please also speak with lecturers you trust, especially if your academic performance is beginning to suffer.

The University of Bamberg actively supports Scholars at Risk and will closely monitor cross-regional initiatives to support Ukrainian scholars. We will contribute to relevant activities to the best of our ability. Where possible, we will also seek to maintain existing collaborations with Ukrainian universities and research institutions, and encourage our university’s faculties and departments to make Ukrainian scholars aware of current opportunities for visiting lectureships. Scholars at the University of Bamberg are also encouraged to disseminate information about any initiatives undertaken by their professional societies and discuss opportunities for participation.

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