Step by Step - Initiative of the Academic Equal Opportunity Officer for the Implementation of Equal Opportunities for Women in Research and Teaching

At the University of Bamberg, approximately 30% of all professorship positions are currently filled by women. The University of Bamberg supports women through every step toward a professorship so that this statistic does not decrease and equality for women in academia and research can be further improved.

The Step by Step program at the University of Bamberg is financed with funds from the BGF (Bayerische Gleichstellungsförderung). Early-career researchers are given the opportunity to get financial support at every career level. The scholarships, which offer a maximum funding period of 12 months, are awarded once a year (subject to the allocation of funds by the StMBW) and primarily serve to finance transitional phases.

Please Note: The Step by Step scholarship program was established to support women who intend to hold a professorship position in Germany. For this reason, we ask that applicants speak German at a B2 level or higher or provide evidence of actively learning the language. 

Funding Round 2025

The application deadline for the current funding round has already passed. The application deadlines for the next funding round will be end of november 2024.

PhD Scholarship: The scholarship is granted for a maximum of twelve months (during the final phase of the PhD) and amounts to 1,200 euros per month.

Post-Doc Scholarship: The scholarship is granted for a maximum of twelve months and amounts to 2,400 euros per month.

Habil scholarship: The scholarship is granted for a maximum of twelve months and amounts to 2,800 euros per month.

Post-Habil scholarship: The scholarship is granted for a maximum of twelve months and amounts to 3,200 euros per month.

Scholarship holders with children also receive a childcare supplement of 200 euros per month for one child and an additional 100 euros per month for each additional child under 12 years of age.

In order to apply for the Step by Step program as an early-career researcher, you must be connected to the University of Bamberg in some way (e.g. via your supervisor). Further requirements can be found in the official guidelines. An English translation of these guidelines can be accessed here(256.4 KB) (not including the official name designations).

In addition to financial support, all scholarship holders are supported by a framework program. This includes an evaluation meeting no later than three months after the end of the funding period and a group workshop for all scholarship holders.

Approximately halfway through the funding period, scholarship recipients must submit an interim report of approximately 250 words and an assessment of the achievements listed in their supervisor’s report. The guidelines for writing this report can be found here (163.9 KB)(in German). 

Recipients must also submit a final report and an assessment of the achievements listed in their supervisor’s report no later than two months after the end of the funding period. A potential template for this report can be found here(225.3 KB, 3 pages) (in German). 

When can my funding period begin?

Funding begins no earlier than April of the funding year, but it can also start later if necessary. In special cases, the scholarship can start one month early, but early payment cannot be guaranteed. 

How should I submit the application documents?

Please submit your application documents as a PDF via the Powermail Form. If this is not possible, please submit a print-out of all application documents without any staples or binding. Do not use folders, dividers, etc.

How detailed should the project description and work program be?

A maximum of 10 pages in total.

Should I include a letter with the application or are the application form, exposé, and other documents sufficient?

As with any application, a cover letter is highly recommended, even if it is not explicitly required.

Who is the adressee of the cover letter?

The scholarships are awarded by the Academic Equal Opportunity Officer, so they are also the adressees of the cover letter. You can either write "To the Academic Equal Opportunity Officers" in general or name all Academic Equal Opportunity Officers personally.

Should my CV include a picture?

It is not necessary to include a picture in your CV.

Am I unable to receive funding if I am past the age limit, or can children and other carework be taken into account?

The age limits are only reference points and can be adjusted according to academic circumstances. Time spent caring for children or relatives, as well as migratory backgrounds or disabilities, will be taken into account with evidence in the application documents.

I am a registered doctoral student but I am not employed at the University of Bamberg. Can I still apply for the scholarship?


When can I apply for a Post-Doc Scholarship? Do I have to already have the dissertation certificate or is it sufficient to provide proof that the project has been submitted?

At the time of your application, the dissertation certificate does not yet have to be available. However, the scholarship can only be granted once you have successfully defended your dissertation. Please note this in your cover letter.

Is a part-time scholarship possible?

Yes, individuals with part-time employment can still apply for a part-time scholarship.

Is it also possible to apply for a 50% scholarship with a longer funding period?

No, a part-time scholarship does not extend the funding period.

Should letters of recommendation be submitted separately?

Yes, letters of recommendation should be sent to us via email directly by the author.

Can letters of recommendation be submitted after the deadline?

NO. All letters of recommendation must be submitted by the deadline. Applications with missing documents cannot be considered.

Is this scholarship tax-free?

The scholarship is tax-exempt in accordance with the requirements set out in § 3, no. 44, a) and b) of the EStG.

Is there health insurance attached to the scholarship?

Health insurance is not included with the scholarship. You must take care of insurance yourself.

Is additional income permitted?

Additional income is usually not permitted. One teaching assignment per semester is permitted, and all other work should be agreed upon with the Academic Equal Opportunity Officer to determine if they help your academic career.

When will it be decided who is awarded the scholarship and when will the applicants be notified?

Once the application period is over, we try to notify the applicants by February at the latest. Due to the large number of applications, it is unfortunately impossible to make an earlier decision.

How likely is it that a scholarship will be awarded?

The probability is hard to estimate. It depends on the funds available, the career level of the applicants, and the number of total applications received. The number of applications has been increasing in recent years, so it is difficult to assess the chances of any individual application before the deadline. Typically, an applicant's chances increase the further along she is in her career.