Statistics & Reports

Since the early 1990s, the German federal and state governments have been systematically and steadily pursuing the subject of equal opportunities in academics and research. This persistent national movement has not only improved the understanding of the differing situations of women and men in academia, but the considerably increased proportion of women at all levels of academic qualification is evidence of a slow but steady attempt to achieve truly equal opportunity in academics and research.

Gender-Based Equality Statistics about Research and Teaching at the University of Bamberg

Students in WS 21/22 by Faculty
Evolution of the Number of Female Students by Percentage
Percentage of Women in First-Time Enrollment and Degrees
Doctorates at the University of Bamberg from 1979-2021
Habilitations at the University of Bamberg from 1976-2021
Proportion of Female Professors in WS 2020/21
Professorships by Wage Classification
Percentage of Women at the University of Bamberg by Qualification Level

Reports by the Women's Representatives

The Academic Equal Opportunity Officer publish a yearly report for the Senate in which important statistics and measures related to equal opportunity at the University of Bamberg are outlined. To access and read the reports (in German) from previous years, please click Deutsch in the top-right corner.

CEWS Statistics

You can find a report on how the University of Bamberg was evaluated in the 2023 university ranking for gender equality by the Center of Excellence Women and Science (CEWS) on our blog (in German).