Since 2001, the Academic Equal Opportunity Officers have been organizing interdisciplinary lectures, conferences, and excursions closely related to gender studies, collectively referred to as the Gender Research Forum. Through this initiative, they want to offer female researchers interdisciplinary opportunities to exchange ideas about gender research, to network, and to present their own projects. A wide variety of topics — from matriarchal theories of male friendship in the Middle Ages to the gender differences in behavioral problems in elementary school — have been presented through numerous lectures since the forum first started.

Forum events take place during the semester and are open to all interested parties.

Would you like to organize a gender-related event?

Possible forum events include guest lectures, short events, workshops, debates, discussions, conferences, and panel discussions. While most of our lecturers to date have been presented in German, we are fully supportive of events and topics in English. Researchers can also form a team to propose an event together. We would be more than happy to talk to you about support opportunities and to review proposals for lectures, as well as to hear your suggestions and ideas for the organization of the Gender Research Forum. Please do not hesitate to send a short email to the Academic Equal Opportunity Office

Past Events

This list of all past forum events recounts lecture topics in the language in which they were presented: