About Us

How the journey began....

The establishment of the BRIDGES NETWORK began with mutual strategic visits of the representatives of the partner universities. As part of these strategic visits Prof. Wei Shen (Deakin University) and Dr. Federico Prada (UADE) traveled to the University of Bamberg in 2018, and Prof. Maike Andresen with Simone Treiber were guests at Deakin University in Melbourne in 2019.

The aim of the trips was to identify possibilities of collaboration, to establish contacts with professors representing the four key research fields in order to start cooperation between the universities and build relationships, as well as to discover the partner research facilities.

A further visit is planned to take place at UADE, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Network convenors

Prof. Dr. Christine Gerhardt (University of Bamberg, Germany), Vice President for Diversity and International Affairs

Prof. Wei Shen (Deakin University, Australia), Vice Chancellor International

Dr. Héctor Masoero (UADE, Argentina), President of UADE; Paula C. Iglesias, Contact person