Good Reasons

Excellent staff to student ratio

Studying in small seminars allows intensive support from teaching staff and close contact with your fellow students.


The diverse combination options with other disciplines in elective modules ensure access to cross-disciplinary issues and allow you to take new and individual routes into subjects such as History, Building Archaeology, Heritage Conservation Studies, Philology, Applied Computer Science or Historical Geography.

Cooperation and internationality

Our students can participate in research projects led by the Archaeology of the Roman Provinces unit in the context of fieldwork, guided excavations and their master’s thesis. Through our international network, we can provide our students with the necessary support regarding stays abroad at other universities.

Certified quality

The study programme was positively assessed by the accreditation body ACQUIN. It therefore fulfils the accreditation body’s strict quality criteria. Specialists from the professional field are also an integral part of our teaching team.

Bamberg the university city

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this former imperial and episcopal city has a distinct student flair and offers cultural diversity surrounded by an attractive natural landscape.

Practical orientation

At the Uni Bamberg, you have the chance to get involved with excavations and research projects led by teaching staff, or to complete an internship with one of our well-known cooperation partners. We are happy to help answer any questions you might have.