Workshop für die Graduiertenschule

Workshop mit Dr. habil. Anna Czarnowus am 3. Mai 2019

Bamberg, 3. Mai 2019, Sitzungsraum des ZEMAS (KR10/03.03)
10.00-15.00 Uhr

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Christoph Houswitschka

Medievalism has been a literary and cultural tendency to look back at the historical or imaginary Middle Ages. This usually results in the reworking of the previous (cultural) texts, which endows the idiosyncratic vision of the medieval with current political and ideological meanings. Already the eighteenth-century culture reveled in the exploration of the medieval. The interest was both antiquarian, hence scholarly, and popular. The Gothic/Medieval Revival culture stemmed from this interest. As a result, not all gothicisms are forms of medievalism, but it is not infrequent that the medievalist and the gothic overlap.


10.00-11.00Lancelot and Guinevere in the Inter-War Period in Evelyn Waugh‘s‚ Handful of Dust
11.00-12.00 Tolkien‘s Primitivism and Its Discontents
12.00-13.00 lunchbreak
13.00-14.00John Richardson‘s Wacousta, or the Transfer to Romance to Canada
14.00-15.00 Margaret Mahy’s Medieval Inspirations and New Zealand Medievalism in The Changeover. A Supernatural Romance (1984)

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Anna Czarnowus, PhD, D. Litt., is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Silesia, Katowice (Poland). She specializes in Middle English literature and medievalisms. She published her doctorate as Inscription on the Body: Monstrous Children in Middle English Literature (Katowice 2009). Her Habilitationsschrift was published as the monograph Fantasies of the Other’s Body: Monstrous Children in Middle English Literature (Frankfurt am Main 2013). She authored over 40 journal articles and chapters in monographs. Recently she has been working (with Professor Jane Toswell from the University of Western Ontario as co-editor) on the volume of articles Canadian Medievalism: From Lampman to Atwood for Boydell and Brewer. The volume includes chapters by Canadian and Polish scholars. She will also work on her own monograph on Canadian and New Zealand medievalisms. She is a member of the Polish Association for Canadian Studies, the Society for the History of Emotions, and the International Association for Robin Hood Studies.