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Beteiligung des ZIS an der Internationalen Tagung: "Muslim-Jewish Encounters: Shia Islam and Judaism"


The Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Center for Muslim World Studies at FIU aspires to serve as a forum for interfaith conversations that connect Islam to other global communities. In line with this aspiration, the Jaffer Center is proud to inaugurate its first conference under it’s Muslim-Jewish Relations Initiative, “Muslim-Jewish Encounters: Shia Islam and Judaism”. This international conference brings together prominent scholars to share their research on the religious and sociopolitical encounter between Judaism and Islam (and more specifically Shia Islam) across history. The conference will examine the encounter between multiple denominations of Shia Islam and Judaism across the geographic breadth of the Middle East. Viewing these theological and sociopolitical affinities in a comparative perspective will advance the intellectual basis for a contemporary dialogue addressing Muslim-Jewish relations in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Day 1:

Location: Jewish Museum of Florida- FIU (301 Washington Ave, Miami Beach)

4:00pm- Welcoming and Opening Remarks

4:15pm- Panel 1: Conceiving the Subfield of Shia Islamic-Jewish Studies

6:30pm- Keynote Address by Orit Bashkin: “When Jews Marched for Hossein: Shia-Jewish Relations in Hashemite Iraq (1921-1958)”

Day 2:

Location: FIU MMC Campus- Graham Center Room 150

10am-Panel 2: The Medieval Shia Islamic Theological Encounter with Judaism

12pm-2pm: Break

2:15pm- Panel 3: Medieval Judaism in the Shia-Islamic Context

3:45pm- Panel 4: Judaism in the Shia Islamic Context (16th-19th Centuries)

5:30pm- Keynote Address by Oliver Leaman: “Is Rabbinic Judaism “Shia” or “Sunni”?

Day 3:

Location: Jewish Museum of Florida- FIU

10am- Panel 5: The Shia Islamic-Jewish Encounter in Modern Lebanon & Iran

11:30am- Panel 6: The Shia Islamic-Jewish Encounter in Israel & Contemporary Normative Islamic/Jewish Political Theology

12:45pm- Concluding remarks and end of program

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