Publikation von Laura Gardini, Davide Radi, Noemi Schmitt, Iryna Sushko und Frank Westerhoff im Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control

Currency manipulation and currency wars: Analyzing the dynamics of competetive central bank interventions

Laura Gardini, Davide Radi, Noemi Schmitt, Iryna  Sushko, Frank Westerhoff


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Based on a behavioral exchange rate model, we show that a central bank that conducts competitive interventions to promote its economy may devalue its currency, albeit at the expense of creating heightened exchange rate volatility. However, currency manipulation may easily spark currency wars, i.e. rival central banks may retaliate by conducting competitive interventions, too. We find that the central bank that intervenes more aggressively during a currency war may succeed in devaluing its currency, yet the exchange rate’s volatility may increase significantly. If both central banks act equally aggressively, a currency war merely amplifies exchange rate fluctuations.