Bachelor-Programm Wirtschaftsenglisch

Das Bachelorprogramm der Kurse I-IV hat als Ausgangsniveau B2. Als Zielniveau aller vier Bachelorkurse ist C1 angesetzt.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auch im Modulhandbuch des Sprachenzentrums.


Winter Semester

Modul Wirtschaftsenglisch 1

Business English I: Economics

This course uses economic content to focus on writing persuasively in English. Delivered at a B2 level of proficiency, the course is divided into three consecutive units:

  1. Basic economic principles and how an economy functions at a microeconomic level with a focus on the free market;
  2. Microeconomic fundamentals and how a free market economy doesn’t always work the way it should;
  3. Deeper discussion of BEI topics as found in current media articles, analysing them according to concepts covered in the the first two sections of the course.

Students will develop their range of vocabulary and learn to express themselves effectively and succinctly in generating texts of a persuasive nature. This training not only meets the demands of the written exam, but also the academic skill expectations emphasised by businesses in the global economy today.

Business English III: Management

Tthe course begins with an overview of the nature of managerial work, followed by a closer look at the challenges of organizational culture and leadership. Students work through complex academic texts and case studies as a basis for active participation in class discussions⁠. With the application of management theory to modern management a continual focus, students are prepared for some of the challenges that face them in their future managerial career.

The course comprises nine weekly teaching sessions followed by four weeks of student presentations. Students are required to give an individual presentation on one of the class topics prescribed to them.

Sommer Semester

Modul Wirtschaftsenglisch 2

Business English II: Finance

Business English II: Finance is designed to increase students' understanding of the language and concepts of business finance, and to perform communicative tasks in English within business and finance contexts.

The course introduces a range of common business forms and different types of funding. Students will work collaboratively to investigate and assess business issues and subsequently prepare concise texts with well-supported business decisions.

Business English IV: Organisational Behaviour

Essential for managers today is an understanding of how and why people behave the way they do, both individually and within an organisation. This course focuses on themes of motivation, group dynamics and individual decision-making within the modern business environment. Target language skills are those needed for effective exchange of ideas and opinions, to successfully work as a team to find a suitable solution to an organisational problem. The BEIV exam itself is conducted in small groups.