Bachelorseminar System Software

The system software master seminar this summer will be organized as a paper reading group with regular (weekly or bi-weekly) meetings. 

In a paper reading group, a specific paper related to the overall topic of the seminar is proposed for each of the meetings (by the lecturers or also by request of the students). All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the paper and prepare a list of questions and/or discussion topics about that paper.

This implies that presence and active participation in the seminar meetings is mandatory.

Based on the papers discussed so far, each student has to select a paper that is related to the overall topic of the seminar (and not discussed in the reading sessions, of course). In addition to that one paper which will form the focus of the student's seminar presentation and report, students are also expected to actively search for (and find!) related work. Ideally, the seminar report and presentation will not only cover the contents of the papers, but also the participant's ideas on how to apply or adapt the chosen topic to current systems.

Deliverables for the seminar are a written report paper (organized like a scientific publication) of about 10 pages (LaTeX, ACM style) as well as a presentation. All presentations will be given towards the end of the semester in a one- or two-day session (with pizza and drinks!); in addition, there will be weekly meetings to discuss your progress and current topics/questions.

The topic of this semester's system software seminar will be announced shortly.

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Michael Engel, Florian Schmaus

See the univis page of the course for details such as date/time, starting week, room, etc.