SWTbahn: Model Railway Progress

SWTbahn is the N-gauge model railway being built and maintained at the SWT Chair as a demonstrator for the engineering of dependable software.

Two small-scale model railway platforms are currently operational and have already supported several Bachelor and Master's student projects and a Master's thesis. The tracks of a third, much larger and more complex, model railway platform have already been laid, and construction is underway to install the electrical and electronic components that digitalises the SWTbahn.

Much of the SWTbahn success is thanks to our student assistants Benjamin Harms and Christof Lehanka, who have worked tirelessly on constructing the platforms and on solving challenging problems. Benjamin leaves this month after nearly three years, and Christof left in September 2020 after nearly two years. We are pleased to have Ben-Oliver Hosak join us to continue on with the important construction work.