The general research of the group is in the application of constructive modal logic, type theory and process calculi for the analysis and modelling of concurrent interactive systems and in the semantics of synchronous programming languages.


  • REALTYPE – Type Analysis for Component-based Real-time Programming (EPSRC 2001-2003) 
  • LAX LOGIC – Lax Logic applied to Formal System Design (EPSRC 1999-2002) 
  • TYPES - Mitglied der EU Types Working Group (IST-EU-29001, 2001-2008) 
  • SPACMODL – Semantic Processing and Auditing in Constructive Modal Logic (DFG-Projekt,  2008 - 2012)
  • PRETSY  – Precision Timed Synchronous Reactive Processing (DFG-Projekt, 2 Förderperioden 2012-2019)