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Interkulturelle Kompetenzen für Angestellte in der Hochschulverwaltung (in German only)
Friday, 14/6/2024, 9:00-12:00, room LU19/ZHD-Raum

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BaTEG seminar day “School Systems Worldwide”

Our seminar day on school systems  addresses staff and students alike.

Guest lectures

Teaching staff can apply for funding for international guest lectures in their seminars if the topic is relevant to teacher training students. More information


Past events and coachings:

Networking conference for young researchers 2021 and 2022

“Professionalität im Umgang mit Heterogenität und Digitalisierung”, organised by several projects at the universities of Bamberg and Augsburg (2021) / Bamberg, Augsburg and Regensburg (2020).More information

International BaTEG Networking Event

During our networking event in autumn 2021, staff members had the opportunity to

- get to know our partner universities at our networking conference

- meet colleagues from our partner universities and establish new contacts during meetings organised by BaTEG

- apply for financial support for international guest lectures and joint teaching projects.

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Tea Time Thursday

Our TeaTime Thursday lecture series addressed students as well as staff.

8/12/2020: Intercultural Competence for International Classrooms (Webinar)

With increasing internationalisation at German universities and increasingly diverse classrooms, intercultural competence is a crucial soft skill for teachers. This short workshop aims to provide the first steps in developing this skillset by giving you an introduction to the intricate and complex framework of elements involved in intercultural interactions. Starting with your own cultural self-awareness, we will use this to gain a better understanding of other cultural perspectives and thus of the intercultural implications of teaching in an international classroom.

15/12/2020: Conducting University Lectures in English (Webinar)

German universities are rapidly adapting to English as a medium of instruction – the DAAD currently registers more than 1200 Bachelor and Master programmes* offered in English. For teaching staff however, who are usually non-native speakers of English, this trend is a completely new and often challenging ball game. In this seminar we will start by reflecting on your teaching practices and areas in which you need to use English and identifying the main challenges. Based on this, we will look at strategies and tips to address these and take the first steps towards improving your effectiveness in teaching in English. Time permitting, we can also work on a short teaching sequence that incorporates insights from the seminar. (*