Internationalisation of Teacher Education - Bamberg Teacher Education for a Global World (BaTEG)

Openness, tolederance, independence, respect for cultures

These are just some of the characteristics we wish for in teachers. They are also the kind of characteristics that develop through international and intercultural experiences, which are the main focus of the BaTEG project - abroad and at home.

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The project

In 2019, BaTEG was one of 19 model projects first funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in the framework of their programme for the internationalisation of teacher training (‘Lehramt.International’).

The BaTEG team successfully applied for a renewal in 2022 and the project BaTEG II has been running since January 1st, 2023. By now, BaTEG is one of 36 projects all over Germany focussing on the internationalisation of teacher education.

More specifically, the aims of the BaTEG project are

  • to increase networking with teacher training/teacher education institutions abroad
  • to create opportunities for students to increase their intercultural competences as well as for teaching staff to share their intercultural expertise and thus facilitate ‘internationalisation from home’
  • to improve student counselling with regard to international topics and enhance visibility of counselling options
  • to increase the international mobility of teacher training students.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the first phase of the BaTEG project had a special focus on opportunities for internationalisation at home, some of which have proven so effective that we have integrated them into the project plan even after restrictions were lifted.

Since spring 2020, BaTEG has, among others,

  • offered several cultural coachings for students online
  • offered coachings with an international/intercultural focus for staff
  • interviewed teachers from all over the world about their experiences during the pandemic
  • offered three online/hybrid seminar days on school systems worldwide
  • given teaching staff the opportunity to invite international guest lecturers to their (online) seminars
  • offered a joint lecture series on education in international contexts with the University of Cologne (TeaTime Thursday)
  • organised research meet-ups to foster international collaboration with colleagues from Deakin University, Australia
  • been involved in the organisation of two young researchers’ networking conferences, online and on campus
  • held an online international summer school and an online networking event with all partner universities in 2021; 2022 allowed for an on-campus summer school.

For more information on the BaTEG project, please consult the menu on the left.

For more information on the German Academic Exchange Service’s Lehramt.International project, please consult the DAAD´s ‘Internationalisation of Teacher Training‘ website.