Bamberg Graduate School of Teacher Education

Research Focuses

  • Research in the field of teacher education
  • School and classroom research
  • Didactic research
  • Subject-specific research (with reference to schools, classroom instruction, education)

Objectives and Responsibilities

  1. The objective pursued by the Bamberg Graduate School of Teacher Education is to offer doctoral candidates the best possible conditions for an efficient doctoral process and speedy completion of their doctorates by providing a structured and highly research-driven doctoral programme.
  2. The Graduate School contributes to the ongoing improvement of quality standards for doctoral procedures, primarily through the provision of adequate supervision concepts and agreements, integration into research focuses, promotion of internationality and communication of the standards of Good Scientific Practice. 
  3. The Graduate School cooperates with the Graduate Centre Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc) and the Centre for Teacher Training (ZLB) to provide programmes on key qualifications for early-career scholars.
  4. The Graduate School supports doctoral researchers in obtaining scholarships funded by third parties.
  5. The Graduate School promotes gender equality and equity for persons with family commitments in accordance with the DFG’s Research-Oriented Equity and Diversity Standards.

Qualification Concept

  1. The Graduate School provides a qualification programme aligned with its objectives, which is be developed and coordinated by the General Assembly.
  2.  The programme shall furthermore comply with the following principles:
    1. It shall provide the doctoral candidates with the necessary professional and methodological foundation for the development of their own research projects, including the acquisition of third-party funding.
    2. It shall provide sufficient opportunity for the discussion of project proposals and for active participation in the current scientific discourse.
    3. It can utilise courses suitable in terms of both content and methodology offered as part of teacher training and master’s programmes in the relevant disciplines.
  3. In cooperation with the Graduate Centre Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc) and the Centre for Teacher Training (ZLB), programmes are offered for the acquisition or consolidation of key qualifications.

Legal Provisions

Ordnung der BaGraTEd