Bamberg Data Stories

We participate in the Smart City Research Lab of Smart City Bamberg with a funded project on visual storytelling of local data.

Bamberg Data Stories: Localized and Personalized Visual Storytelling for Public Geodata Comparing Different Modes of Presentation

Funded by: Smart City Bamberg as part of the Smart City Research Lab

Funding period: 2023–2026

Projekt partner: Prof. Dr. Marc Redepenning (Kulturgeographie), University of Bamberg


Smart cities are only truly smart when digital solutions bring tangible added value. While efficiency gains can already help, an advantage elsewhere will only be achieved if the public itself becomes active. However, this can only succeed if the data is also presented in an easily accessible way. The data stories to be investigated in this project, exemplified for the city of Bamberg, are intended to better prepare publicly available geographic data for broad use as interactive map-based representations. Mobility data, for example, can show the possibilities and limitations of existing transport connections, while sensor data can shed light on the potential for climate-adapted urban development. The representations should not be limited to static visualizations of the data, but should also take local characteristics and personal interests into account through automatic adaptation. Embedded in an interactive story, users will be guided through the data, but will also be offered opportunities to explore the data. We want to contrast the presentation and interaction possibilities of classical document-based presentations on the one hand and stories in virtual reality on the other. The latter representation promises to better address the spatial imagination of the users, but is accompanied by new challenges. The project aims to make scientific contributions to interactive storytelling of geographic data, with central innovations in the adaptivity of storytelling and the development of immersive, virtual representations. Prototypes will be developed in cooperation with different stakeholders of Smart City Bamberg, which will offer the public a new quality of experience of local geographic data.