Prof. Dr. Patrick Tobias Fischer

Postal address

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Fakultät für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Angewandte Informatik
Professur für User Experience and Design

Kapuzinerstraße 16
D-96047 Bamberg 

Visiting address

An der Weberei 5
96047 Bamberg


UX Design Lab


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Student Research Projects

Movable Interfaces for Public Space. WS 2023/24.
Understanding Spatial Impact on User Experience SS 2023.
Designing and Evaluating Capacitive Interfaces. WS 2017/18.
Custom Interfaces: Gesture Recognition and Capacitive Sensing. WS 2017/18.
Exploring Capacitive Interfaces. WS 2017/18.
IoT 'vryThng for Fun, Science and Social Capital. SS 2017
Architectural Sized Interfaces. WS 2016/17.
Evaluating behaviour and experience around public interfaces. WS 2016/17.
Public Interfaces for Citizen Participation. SS 2016.
GridEye infrared array: Advanced low cost sensors. WS 2015/16.
Designing content for narrative, embedded devices in public space. WS 2015/16.
Orchestrating Sensors and Actuators for the Urban Environment. SS 2015.
Instrumentation of Public Space for Social Interaction. SS 2015.
Exploring Interactive Theatre. WS 2014/15.
Castle Sized Interfaces for Crowds. SS 2014.
Parasite Interfaces for Public Environments. WS 2013/14.
Distributed Kick/Flickable Interfaces for Public Places. SS 2013.

Final Thesis


Redesign eines Weiterbildungskatalog: Verbesserung der Gebrauchstauglichkeit. B.Sc. Thesis in Applied Computer Science.

Co-awareness for social Cross-Reality Live-Events. M.Sc. Thesis in Applied Computer Science.

Influences of Generative AI on UX Design Processes: A Qualitative Interview Study. M.Sc. Thesis in Computing in the Humanities.


Comprende Mapper: Improving Video Analysis and Annotation Software through visualization and Space Type Model. M.Sc. Thesis in Computer Science and Media.


Clustered Interfaces: Using OSC to communicate, synchronize and interact with LED‐based flares. B.Sc. Thesis in Medieninformatik.


Drahtlose mobile öffentliche Interfaces. Einfluss von räumlichen Gegebenheiten auf die Interaktionstechniken zwischen Nutzer und Modul. B.Sc. Thesis in Medieninformatik.  

Comparison of Interactive and Non‐Interactive Advertisement in Public Display. M.Sc. Thesis in HCI.

Exploration von pneumatischen Interfaces anhand weicher Materialien. B.Sc. Thesis in Medieninformatik.

Entwicklung einer Software zur Messdatenerfassung und Signalsteuerung mit Hilfe der Arduino Plattform. B.Sc. Thesis in Medieninformatik.

Sonnengarten ‐ urbane Lichtinstallation mit Interaktion durch Pflanzen. B.Sc. Thesis in Medieninformatik.


Tangibles versus Gestures. Entwicklung und Evaluierung einer Tangible‐ und Gestensteuerung für das Computerspiel Tetris. B.Sc. Thesis in Medieninformatik


AI in Design Processes. Master and Bachelor Applied Computer Science, Master and Bachelor Computer Science, Master and Bachelor Information Systems, Master Computing in the Humanities SS2023.
Blending Art Events and HCI Research. Master Computer Science and Media, Master HCI. SS 2016.

Teaching and Practicals

Urban Interaction Design (4SWS). Mater Interaction Research and Design. WS 2024/25.
Grundlagen des Gestaltens (4SWS). Master Interaction Research and Design. SS 2024.
Ausgewählte Kapitel multimedialer Anwendungen (4SWS). Bachelor of Computer Science. WS 2019/20.
Human‐Computer Interaction (4SWS). Master Computer Science. SS 2019, WS 2019/20.
Gestaltung Multimedialer Systeme. Bachelor Computer Science. SS 2019.
Advanced HCI: Ubiquitous Computing. Master Computer Science and Media, Master HCI. SS 2013, SS 2015, SS 2017.
Modellierung von Informationssystemen. Bachelor Medieninformatik. WS 2013/14, WS 2014/15, WS 2015/16, WS 2016/17, WS 2017/18.



Informationen zu Publikationen finden Sie im FIS der Universität Bamberg.



Silberstreifen Award 2021. designxport. Hamburg, Germany. Liquid Ornament. 19th November - 5th December 2021.


Stadt nach Acht. International Nightlife Conference. Berlin, Germany. 50er Spin curated by Urban Light-Culture. 28th-30th September 2019.

Stadt nach Acht. International Nightlife Conference. Berlin, Germany. Military City co-production. 28th-30th September 2019.


Kunstfest Weimar. Weimar, Germany. "The Investigators", a participartory live projection mapping. A dialogue between citizens and the Goethe-Schiller monument. 26th-28th August 2016.


City Visions Jena - Un/sichtbare Städte. Jena, Germany. Light Walk. 7th-11th October 2015.

City Visions Jena - Un/sichtbare Städte. Jena, Germany. Sonnengarten. 7th-11th October 2015.

Dusk. Weimar, Germany. Interactive theatre project. 10th+11th March 2015.


Connecting Cities 'Urban Reflections'. Berlin, Germany. Interactive Facade Mapping project exhibition. October 2014.

Georg II - The mysteriouse theatre machine. Meiningen, Germany. First interactive Facade Mapping. August 2014.

Urban Spree. Berlin, Germany. “SMSlingshot” performance for ARTE Tracks at “Urban Spree Garden”. 04th September 2014.

You Are Here! Brugge, Belgium. “SMSlingshot” performance. 28th–30th March 2014.


OCT LOFT Design Festival. Shenzhen, China. “SMSlingshot” performance and design process exhibition. 6.12.2013-5.3.2014.

Gwangju New Media Art Festival Gwangju, South Korea. SMSlingshot performance. 28.–30 October 2013.

Campus Fest. Leipzig, Germany. SMSlingshot performance with the local students association. 20th June 2013.

D-Caf. Downtown Contemporary Art Festival. Cairo, Egypt. SMSlingshot in the streets of Cairo. 15th -18th April 2013.


Fete la lumiere. Valence, France. 15th December 2012.

Cynet Art. Dresden, Germany. 15th November 2012.

Museo di naturale e scienze. Torino, Italy. 10th November 2012.

Ingavid. Figureres, Spain. 10th October 2012.

Blogfest. Riva del Garda. 29th October 2012.

Chartres en lumiere. Chartre, France. 15th October 2012.

Solstice Festival Cleveland Museum of Art. Cleveland, Ohio, US. 29th June 2012.

Digital Derry. Londonderry, Ireland. 17th -18th February 2012.

Chroma Festival. Mexico City, Mexico. 12.-18. February 2012.


MoMA, New York, US. Talk to me. 18th July. - 7th November 2011.

Marsatac Festival. Marseille, France. 29th Sept. – 1st October 2011.

Todays Art. Brussles, Belgium. 29.-30. Sept. 2011.

Todays Art. The Hague, Netherlands. 23rd -24th September 2011.

Incubate Festival. Tilburg, Netherland. 11.-18. September 2011.

Play Festival. Grenoble, France. 23.-25. June 2011.


STRP Art & Technology. SMSlingshot and Geert. 25th-28th Nov. 2010.

Es Balduard - Museu d'Art Modern i contemporani de Palma. SMSlingshot. Palma, Spain, 23rd Nov. 2010.

MediaLab Prado. 12th Sept. 2010. La Noche en Blanco 2010. SMSlingshot first time on LED based facade. Madrid, Spain, 2010.

FACT Liverpool. 27th August, 2010. Liverpool FACT Facade. SMSlingshot, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2010.

Mediafacade Festival EUROPA 2010. August - September, 2010. Connected Screens: Berlin, Brussels, Helsink, Liverpool, Budapest, Linz, Madrid. SMSlingshot (Liverpool-Berlin, Linz-Berlin).

FILE PRIX Lux. July 26.-30., 2010 - SESI / MASP, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

transmediale.10 IT and Media Art. February 2.-14., 2010 - Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, Germany. SMSlingshot.


Balta Nakts. Riga White Nights 2009. September 12.+13., 2009. kim?, Riga, Latvia. Contemporary cultural festival. Premiere of SMSlingshot.


Mediafacade Festival 2008. Oct. 18. - Nov. 2. 2008. CHB, Berlin, Germany. Tobias Fischer, Christian Zöllner, Thilo Hoffmann and Rasim Korkot. VR/Urban Spread.gun.


Conference Culture and Computer Science (KUI): 2024
International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS): 2023, 2024
The Journal of Architecture: 2023
Journal of Urban Technology: 2020
Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS): 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI): 2013, 2016, 2017, 2024
International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, INTERACT: 2017
Australasian Computer-Human Interaction (OzCHI): 2016, 2017
Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI): 2016, 2017
International Symposium on Pervasive Displays (PerDis): 2014, 2015, 2016
International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI): 2013, 2015
International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI): 2013, 2014
Wissenschaftliche Fachtagung Mensch-Computer-Interaktion (MCI): 2014, 2017
Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW): 2013
British Computer Society Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (BCS-HCI): 2013


Search Committee member of the W2 t.t. W3 Professor for Computational Humanities. 2024.
DAAD Committee member at Study Scholarships 2024 - Postgraduate Studies in the Fields of Fine Art, Design, Visual Communication and Film
Panels Co-Chair at CHI'24 (The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)
Program Committee member at PerDis'16 (The Fifth ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays)
Program Committee member at PerDis'15 (4th International Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2015)
Program Committee member at BHCI 2013 (British Computer Society 27th International Human Computer Interaction Conference)
Program Committee member at HCI 2012 (British Human Computer Interaction Conference 2012)

Awards & Funding

Silberstreifen Award 2021. designxport. Hamburg, Germany. Liquid Ornament. 19th November 2021.

Robert Bosch Stiftung, 24-h workshop, awarded seed grant, Spielraum - Urbane Transformationen gestalten. November 2017.

iENA 2017 International Trade Fair Diploma of Distinction awarded in the category "Ideas - Inventions - New products" for a fastening device "Fischerring" for exposed concrete surfaces. November 2017.

EPSRC Vacation Bursary awarded. July 2012.

Funding Bridging the Gap Researcher-led Project awarded. 8th August 2011. Link 1.

Interactive Art Honor Award Prize. FILE PRIX LUX, São Paulo, Brasil. SMSlingshot.

Art of Engineering Award of Distinction, Ferchau Engineering, Gummersbach, Germany. Patrick Tobias Fischer, Christian Zöllner, Thilo Hoffmann and Sebastian Piatza. SMSlingshot. Press: Link 1, link 2.

RTL Award of Distinction for master thesis. Analysis and Development of an Monookular Tracking System for 3D-Skatching in immersive Environments. Abstract. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Konen. Press: Link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4.