Bachelor thesis or Master thesis

You are looking for a Bachelor thesis or Master thesis at our chair? Thank you for your interest! Normally, we do not offer concrete topics that you work on, but define your topic in a personal meeting so that it fits our research interests and your expertises.

More details on this process can be found in this HowTo.(138.5 KB)

Overview of research areas:

If you are interested should contact:
Online quality assessment of sensor data streams, ontologiesAboubakr Benabbas
Trajectory data mining and activity recognitionGolnaz Elmamooz
Data Provenance, decentralized authentication / authorization, data markets, data pipeline simulationNasr Kasrin
Privacy-aware data stream processingSimon Steuer
Data (Stream) Management for sensor-based systems and IoT archictectures Michael Sünkel
Anything else related to the MOBI chair research topicsDaniela Nicklas