Bachelor thesis or Master thesis

You are looking for a Bachelor thesis or Master thesis at our chair? Thank you for your interest! Normally, we do not offer concrete topics that you work on, but define your topic in a personal meeting so that it fits our research interests and your expertises.

Due to many requests for Bachelor theses and Master theses for Winter Term 2019 in our chair, we decided to organize this in the following way:

If you are interested in Mobi topics for your thesis please fill out the feedback form until End of August. Additionally, you may submit your transcript of records in the assignment below to give us a full picture of your competencies. This helps us to select a suitable topic for you.

You can find the feedback form in this VC Course:


Overview of research areas:

If you are interested should contact:
Online quality assessment of sensor data streams, ontologiesAboubakr Benabbas
Trajectory data mining and activity recognitionGolnaz Elmamooz
Data Provenance, decentralized authentication / authorization, data markets, data pipeline simulationNasr Kasrin
Privacy-aware data stream processingSimon Steuer
Data (Stream) Management for sensor-based systems and IoT archictectures Michael Sünkel
Anything else related to the MOBI chair research topicsDaniela Nicklas


Bachelor- oder Masterarbeitsthema

Sie suchen nach einer Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit an unserem Lehrstuhl? Das freut uns! Auf dieser Seite finden Sie keine konkreten Themen, da wir diese in Absprache mit Ihnen und passend zu unseren aktuellen Forschungsthemen definieren.

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