SIMUTOOL (H2020 project)

The Project

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SIMUTOOL is a follow-on project from MU-TOOL, which was funded under FP7-SME (grant agreement number 286717), and will develop a simulation platform for the manufacturing of composites through microwave (MW) heating. The simulation will include an electromagnetic field coupled with heat transfer mechanisms that take place during the production process. It will also include the process control loop which will enable the optimum design for the manufacturing process. One of the major outputs of the simulation platform will be the successful design of a ceramic matrix composite tool with a MW absorbing layer, in order to maximise the energy saving potential of the MW heating process. The project addresses the manufacturing issues of MW heating of composites which stem from the lack of understanding of the basic physics of the process (the most important item being how carbon fibres interact with the microwave field). The project will increase the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the MW heating of composites process to TRL 6-7 from TRL 5. This project is a three year project, sponsored by the European Commission, under H2020-FoF-2015 (grant agreement number 680569), which started in September 2015, and is due for completion in February 2019.

Key tasks and expertise

University of Bamberg will lead WP3 and contribute to the distribution of the technical information and knowledge that will be produced from the use of the process simulator. University of Bamberg will create a knowledge-based system that will receive the simulation results as input and organise the information in order to provide an easy tool for accessing the simulation results, using them for the design of the process and finally enabling the training of personnel at the end users sites in the MW heating process.

Contact and Project lead

Nasr Kasrin