Bachelor / Master Theses

Bachelor and Master Theses are offerd within the different research areas of the research group. Potential topics are listed below or are defined together with the prospective students.

Generally, the process is as follows:

  • Familiarization with the topic before registration including paration of an exposé : about 1 month
  • Registration
  • Time to work on the thesis: 4 months (Bachelor), 6 months (Master)
  • Submission and final presentation (Bachelor and Master)

Below is a list of open topics. Please get directly in touch with the resepective people. Further topics within the areas of research are possible.

Open Bachelor / Master Theses

Ongoing / Completed

  • Automatic Extraction of POI Categories and Attributes from Travel Guide Texts(345.3 KB) (Master thesis, ongoing)
  • Automatisierte Zuweisung von Kundentickets mithilfe von Machine Learning: Ein Ansatz mit ML.NET (Master thesis, external, ongoing)
  • Creation and evaluation of a Chatbot for IT end-user support in a corporate environment combining Azure Cognitive Search and OpenAI (Master thesis, external, ongoing)
  • Opportunities and Challenges for xAI-based Dialogue Management (Master thesis, ongoing)
  • Evaluation and implementation of a voice-control interface for a dialog system in a empathy-driven
    video game (Master thesis, ongoing)
  • User Satisfaction Estimation through Active Learning (Master thesis, ongoing)
  • Application of a Spoken Dialogue System for Human-Robot-Interaction (Bachelor, ongoing)
  • Implementation and Evaluation of the Conversational Entity Dialogue Model for End-to-End User Interaction (Master thesis, completed 2023)