Project Dialogue Systems (DS-Proj-M)

This project aims at gaining a practical understanding of the different modules of a spoken dialogue system. The focus will lay on the basic functionality of each module and how to implement it in an industrylike development process. Participants will gain theoretical knowledge about the dialogue system modules as well as practical knowledge by implementing these modules using a ticket-based development flow. At the end of the semester, each group will present their results and every student will hand in a technical project report.

The learning goals for this course are the following: the participants

  • learn to familiarise themselves individually with the practical aspects of dialogue systems and to share these with their group members,
  • are able to implement parts of a dialogue system to realize a given use-case scenario,
  • understand, how the dialogue system modules operate and inter-operate with each other
  • are able to realize a challenging implementation task as a team using industry-like development flows, identify challenges that arise from such a way working and jointly find solutions.

The students will need to find their own implementation for the dialogue system modules for a given use-case scenario:

  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Dialogue Management
  • Natural Language Generation


This 6-ECTS-project runs each semester.

Participants must be enrolled in one of the Master programms Applied Computer Science or Computing in the Humanities.

The course language will be decided at the beginning of each semester.

The project presentation will be done as a group while the project reports will be created and submitted individually. The language of the project report may be German or English.

The content of the colloquium and the term paper consists of the implementation work done during the course of the semester.

The terms and conditions (e.g., deadline) of the term paper and of the colloquium will be announced at the beginning of each course.