Subproject 1

Framing project – familial and institutional conditions of linguistic and cognitive development of children’s abilities and decisions concerning children’s education in preschool- and school age (longitudinal studies).

Subproject 2

Longitudianl effects of  global and domain-specific quality of stimulation in family, preschool, and elementary school on early childhood competence development

Subproject 3

Project 3 is realized by the chair of Developmental psychology held by Prof. Weinert. In the context of the overall study this project is responsible for the selection, development and testing of instruments for measuring abilities and skills of the participating children.

Subproject 4

The development of students’ competences and interests in primary and secondary school.

Subproject 5

The formation of educational decisions and the development of individual competences in the phase of transition from primary to secondary school.

Subproject 6

Formation of decision-making processes in connection with expectations in education and the development of competence: Transitions into primary school.

Subproject 7

Competence Developments and Educational Decisions of Primary School Age Children with Migration Background

Subproject 8

Prerequisites, structure and effects of teachers` diagnostic competence.